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Memmert Oven

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Memmert Oven

Universal Oven U

Precise drying, heating, ageing, burn-in and hardening in research, science, industry and quality assurance.

A Memmert heating oven/drying oven offers unique advantages

  • intuitive and easy-to-use operating menu
  • air exchange rates and air flap position electronically controllable
  • temperature and air exchange ramps programmable via AtmoControl software (models with TwinDISPLAY)
  • pre-heated fresh air prevents temperature fluctuations
  • almost exclusive use of high-quality, corrosion-resistant and easily cleanable stainless steel for the working chamber and housing
  • heating concept specifically adapted for a precise and homogenous temperature control
  • a wide range of options for programming and documentation using interfaces, integrated data logger and Software AtmoCONTROL
  • 3 years guarantee worldwide
Description Air Circulation Performance Class  
UN30 UN30 Natural air circulation (Convection) SingleDISPLAY  Details
UN30plus UN30plus Natural air circulation (Convection) TwinDISPLAY  Details
UF30 UF30 Forced air circulation (Fan) SingleDISPLAY  Details
UF30plus UF30plus Forced air circulation (Fan) TwinDISPLAY  Details
UN55 UN55 Natural air circulation (Convection) SingleDISPLAY  Details
UN55plus UN55plus Natural air circulation (Convection) TwinDISPLAY  Details
UF55 UF55 Forced air circulation (Fan) SingleDISPLAY  Details
UF55plus UF55plus Forced air circulation (Fan) TwinDISPLAY  Details
UN75 UN75 Natural air circulation (Convection) SingleDISPLAY  Details
UN75plus UN75plus Natural air circulation (Convection) TwinDISPLAY  Details
UF75 UF75 Forced air circulation (Fan) SingleDISPLAY  Details
UF75plus UF75plus Forced air circulation (Fan) TwinDISPLAY  Details
UN110 UN110 Natural air circulation (Convection) SingleDISPLAY  Details
UN110plus UN110plus Natural air circulation (Convection) TwinDISPLAY  Details
UF110 UF110 Forced air circulation (Fan) SingleDISPLAY  Details
UF110plus UF110plus Forced air circulation (Fan) TwinDISPLAY  Details
UN160 UN160 Natural air circulation (Convection) SingleDISPLAY  Details
UN160plus UN160plus Natural air circulation (Convection) TwinDISPLAY  Details
UF160 UF160 Forced air circulation (Fan) SingleDISPLAY  Details
UF160plus UF160plus Forced air circulation (Fan) TwinDISPLAY  Details
UN260 UN260 Natural air circulation (Convection) SingleDISPLAY  Details
UN260plus UN260plus Natural air circulation (Convection) TwinDISPLAY  Details
UF260 UF260 Forced air circulation (Fan) SingleDISPLAY  Details
UF260plus UF260plus Forced air circulation (Fan) TwinDISPLAY  Details
UN450 UN450 Natural air circulation (Convection) SingleDISPLAY  Details
UN450plus UN450plus Natural air circulation (Convection) TwinDISPLAY  Details
UF450 UF450 Forced air circulation (Fan) SingleDISPLAY  Details
UF450plus UF450plus Forced air circulation (Fan) TwinDISPLAY  Details
UN750 UN750 Natural air circulation (Convection) SingleDISPLAY  Details
UN750plus UN750plus Natural air circulation (Convection) TwinDISPLAY  Details
UF750 UF750 Forced air circulation (Fan) SingleDISPLAY  Details
UF750plus UF750plus Forced air circulation (Fan) TwinDISPLAY  Details
UF1060 UF1060 Forced air circulation (Fan) SingleDISPLAY  Details
UF1060plus UF1060plus Forced air circulation (Fan) TwinDISPLAY