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Personal Protective Equipment in Hospital

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Personal Protective Equipment in Hospital

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Personal Protective Equipment in Hospital

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Disposable Mushroom cap/ Hairnet

Double-reinforced disposable non-woven cap, made of high-quality non-woven fabric, non-toxic and harmless Size£º21 inches
Material: high-quality non-woven fabric
Specifications: Double-stripe hat This product has an elastic design, so don't worry about it being too big or too small.
Available colors: white/ blue
Packing: 2,000 pcs/ carton

Disposable PE Plastic Apron

Made of polythene, Water proof, Anti-oil, Protect clothing and skin against spills, Light and comfortable
Packing: 1,000 pcs/ carton

Disposable Nitrile Glove, powder free

Disposable , Non Sterile & Ambidextrous, Very Elastic, High Resistance


Length (mm)

Width (mm)


240 ± 5

85 ± 5


240 ± 5

95 ± 5


240 ± 5

110 ± 5


240 ± 5

120 ± 5

Packing: 100 pcs/ Box, 10 Box/ Carton

Hettich Small centrifuge
EBA 270

The EBA 270 is a small centrifuge with a swing-out rotor that has been developed specifically for use in clinical settings. It can centrifuge the blood tubes and urine tubes up 15 ml in volume at a maximum speed of 4,000 RPM / 2,254 RCF. Its 90° rotor is ideally suited for spinning blood tubes containing a separating gel.
MAX. CAPACITY: 6 x 15 ml
MAX. RPM: 4,000 min-1
DIMENSIONS (W x D x H): 326 x 389 x 239 mm

Disposable Micro-centrifuge Tube

Disposable micro-centrifuge tube is a small transparent cylindrical plastic container with conical bottoms
0.2 ml (1000 pieces/ pack)
0.5 ml (1000 pieces/ pack)
1.5 ml (1000 pieces/ pack)
2 ml (1000 pieces/ pack)

Disposable Centrifuge Tube, 15ml and 50ml

Disposable plastic centrifuge tube with screw cap, conical bottom
Packing: 500 pcs/ carton

2 In 1 Human body & Industrial Thermometer

*Temperature range: 32 °C ~ 42 °C-50 °C ~ 380 °C
*Accuracy: ±0.3°C/±2% or 2°C
*Distance Spot Ration: 5-15cm/ 12:1
*Emissivity Adjustable: 0.95
*Response Time & Wavelength: 500ms & (8-14)um
*Repeatability: ±1% or ±1
*Resolution: 0.1°C
*Storage Temperature: -20-50°C
*Operating Temperature: 0-50°C
*Power Supply: 1 pc DC 9V battery