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R & M Chemical

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R & M Chemical

R & M is the supplier of chemicals marketed under the label R & M Chemical with the aim of providing the most comprehensive range of chemical products. Extensive R & D activities are carried out to ensure that our formulations are both effective and of consistent high quality. One of the main pillars of our policy is to provide our customers with the highest quality products at the most competitive price. Also, we are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities and sources. We have the technical capability and know-how to exploit such opportunities, with benefits ultimately accruing to our customers.

R & M is a well established and reputable company with own production house and office strategically located in United Kingdom to facilitate efficient delivery and distribution to our diverse customers throughout the world.

R & M Chemical List
No. Product Name Brand Packing
1 (+/-)-2-cis-4-trans-Abscisic acid 99% Alfa/US 100mg
2 Acacia powder “Biochem”. R&M 500g
3 Acenaphthene C.P. R&M 500g
4 ACES “Biochem”.[N-(Acetomido)-2-aminoethanesulfonic acid] R&M 25g
5 Acetaldehyde 50% soln. C.P. (Ethanal) R&M 500ml
6 Acetamide C.P. (Ethanamide) R&M 500g
7 Acetanilide A.R. (N-Phenylacetamide) R&M 500g
8 Acetate Buffer for chlorine (pH-4) “READIL”. R&M 500ml
9 Acetic Acid glacial A.R. (Ethanoic acid) R&M 2.5Lt
10 Acetic Acid 95% A.R. (Ethanoic acid) R&M 2.5Lt
11 Acetic Acid d4 99.5% Alfa/US 5g
12 Acetic Acid 5% (W/V) R&M 1Lt
13 Acetic Acid 10% (W/V) R&M 1Lt
14 Acetic Acid 30% (W/V) R&M 1Lt
15 Acetic Acid 50% (W/V) R&M 1Lt
16 Acetic Acid 0.05mol/l (0.05N) R&M 1Lt
17 Acetic Acid 0.1mol/l (0.1N) R&M 1Lt
18 Acetic Acid 0.5mol/l (0.5N) R&M 1Lt
19 Acetic Acid 1.0mol/l (1.0N) R&M 1Lt
20 Acetic Alcohol “READIL”. R&M 1Lt
21 Acetoacetanilide C.P. R&M 500g
22 Aceto-Carmine “Biochem”. R&M 100ml
23 Aceto-Orcein “Biochem”. (Connective tissue stain) R&M 100ml
24 Acetone A.R. R&M 2.5Lt
25 Acetone Technical   25Lts
26 Acetone C.P. R&M 2.5Lt
27 Acetone HPLC. R&M 2.5Lt
28 Acetone:Alcohol “READIL”. R&M 500ml
29 Acetonitrile A.R./ACS. (Methyl Cyanide) R&M 2.5Lt
30 Acetonitrile HPLC. R&M 2.5Lt
31 Acetophenone C.P. R&M 500ml
32 Acetophenone C.P. R&M 1Lt
33 Acetylacetone A.R. (24-Pentanedione) R&M 500ml
34 Acetylacetone A.R. (24-Pentanedione) R&M 2.5Lt
35 Acetylenetetrabromide. (1122-Tetrabromoethane) R&M 500ml
36 N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine. R&M 10g
37 o-Acetylsalicylic acid C.P.(Aspirin) R&M 500g
38 N-Acetyl-DL-Tryptophan. R&M 25g
39 Acid Alcohol “READIL”. R&M 1Lt
40 Acid-Fast Staining Kit.(Ziehl-Neelsen Method)(AFS) R&M 1 set
41 Acid Fuchsin C.I.42685 “RMstain”. R&M 25g
42 Acidified Methanol.(0.01% HCl). "READIL" R&M 1Lt
43 Acidified Molybdate “READIL”. (Silicate Reagent A) R&M 500ml
44 Acid Phosphatase Reagent (King's Method) R&M 1set
45 Acridine orange C.I.46005 “RMstain”. (For Electrophoresis) R&M 10g
46 Acriflavin . "Biochem" R&M 25g
47 Acrylamide A.R. R&M 500g
48 Acrylamide for Electrophoresis. R&M 100g
49 Acrylamide4X crystallised for Molecular Biology. R&M 100g
50 30% Acrylamide/Bis-acrylamide. ( for electrophoresis) R&M 250ml
51 40% Acrylamide/Bis-acrylamide. ( for electrophoresis) R&M 250ml
52 Acrylic Acid C.P. R&M 500ml
53 Acrylonitrile stabilised C.P. R&M 500ml
54 Adenine “Biochem”. R&M 10g
55 Adenine Sulfate A.R. R&M 10g
56 Adenosine. "Biochem" R&M 5g
57 Adenosine. "Biochem" R&M 25g
58 Adenosine-5'-Diphosphoric acid Trisodium salts. "Biochem" R&M 1g
59 Adenosine-5'-Monophosphoric acid sodium salts. "Biochem" R&M 5g
60 Adenosine-5'-Triphosphoric acid disodium salts. "Biochem" R&M 5g
61 Adipic acid pure. R&M 500g
62 Adonitol “Biochem”. R&M 10g
63 L-Adrenaline A.R. R&M 1g
64 L-Adrenaline Bitartrate A.R. R&M 5g
65 Aesulin C.P. R&M 5g
66 Agar-Agar “Biochem”. R&M 500g
67 Agar-Agar “Biochem”. R&M 250g
68 Agarose Type A R&M 100g
69 Agarose Type B R&M 100g
70 Agarose Eletrophoresis (Low) R&M 100g
71 Agarose Eletrophoresis (Medium) R&M 100g
72 Agarose Eletrophoresis (High) R&M 25g
73 6x Agarose Gel Loading Dye. R&M 200ml
74 DL-Alanine “Biochem”. R&M 100g
75 L-Alanine “Biochem”. R&M 100g
76 Albert stain No:A “RMstain”. R&M 500ml
77 Albert stain No:B “RMstain”. R&M 500ml
78 Albumin “Biochem”. R&M 250g
79 Albumin “Biochem”. R&M 500g
80 Albumin Mayer's “Biochem”. R&M 100ml
81 Albumin Reagent (Bromocresol Green Method) R&M 1 set
82 Alcian Blue 8Gx for microscopy. R&M 5g
83 Alcian Blue 8Gx1% w/v staining soln. pH 1.2. R&M 100ml
84 Alcohol Absolute 99.7% (Denatured). A.R. R&M 2.5Lt
85 Alcohol Absolute 99.7% (Denatured). A.R. R&M 25Lt
86 Alcohol Absolute 99.8% (Undenatured). A.R. R&M 2.5Lt
87 Alcohol 95%. (Undenatured). A.R. R&M 2.5Lt
88 Alcohol 95%. (Undenatured). A.R. R&M 25Lt
89 Alcohol 95%. (Denatured). A.R. R&M 2.5Lt
90 Alcohol 95%. (Denatured). A.R. R&M 25Lt
91 Alcohol 95% (Denatured). C.P. R&M 2.5Lt
92 Alcohol 95% Technical   25Lts
93 Alcohol 96% (Denatured). C.P. R&M 2.5Lt
94 Alcohol 90% (V/V) R&M 1Lt
95 Alcohol 80% (V/V) R&M 1Lt
96 Alcohol 70% (Denatured). A.R. R&M 2.5Lt
97 Alcohol 30% (V/V) R&M 1Lt
98 Alcohol 1% (V/V) R&M 1Lt
99 Alcoholic Silver Nitrate soln. "READIL" (2% in Ab. Alcohol) R&M 500ml
100 Alginic acid C.P. R&M 500g
101 Alizarin pH Indicator C.I. 58000 “RMstain”. R&M 25g
102 Alizarin 0.1% Alcoholic Solution "RMstain”. R&M 500ml
103 Alizarine Complexone "RMInd" R&M 1g
104 Alizarine Cyanine Green C.I.61570 "RMStain" R&M 25g
105 Alizarin red S C.I. 58005 “RMstain”. R&M 25g
106 Alizarin red S 1% Indicating solution “RMstain”. R&M 500ml
107 Alizarin yellow 2G (Alizarin yellow G) C.I. 14025 “RMstain”. R&M 5g
108 Alizarine yellow R(G) “RMstain”. R&M 25g
109 Alkali Blue 6B C.I. 42765 “RMstain”. R&M 5g
110 Alkaline Iodide-Azide reagent. "READIL"(for dissolved Oxygen) R&M 1Lt
111 Alkaline Phosphate Reagent(King's Method) R&M 1 set
112 Allantoin C.P. R&M 100g
113 Alloxan hydrated C.P. R&M 25g
114 Allure Red. C.I.16035. "RMstain" R&M 50g
115 Allyl Alcohol C.P. R&M 500ml
116 Allyl Bromide C.P. (3-Bromo-1-propene) R&M 250ml
117 Allyl Chloride C.P. (3-Chloro-1-propene) R&M 500ml
118 Allylthiourea C.P. R&M 100g
119 Aluminium AAS standard soln. 1000mg/l R&M 500ml
120 Aluminium fine powder C.P. R&M 500g
121 Aluminium Strip 2cm x 10cm x0.2mm C.P. R&M 5pcs/set
122 Aluminium Acetate basic A.R. R&M 500g
123 Aluminium Ammonium Sulphate A.R. R&M 1Kg
124 Aluminium Chloride anhydrous C.P. (decomposes with water) R&M 500g
125 Aluminium Chloride 6-Hydrate A.R. R&M 500g
126 Aluminium Fluoride C.P. R&M 500g
127 Aluminium Hydroxide C.P. R&M 500g
128 Aluminium Iso-propoxide C.P. R&M 500g
129 Aluminium Nitrate 9-Hydrate A.R. R&M 500g
130 Aluminium Oxide A.R. R&M 500g
131 Aluminium Oxide C.P. R&M 500g
132 Aluminium Oxide neutral for TLC. R&M 500g
133 Aluminium Oxide active neutral for C.C. R&M 500g
134 Aluminium Oxide active acidic for C.C. R&M 500g
135 Aluminium Oxide active basic for C.C. R&M 500g
136 Aluminium Oxide G for TLC. R&M 500g
137 Aluminium Phosphate C.P. R&M 500g
138 Aluminium Potassium Sulfate A.R./ACS. R&M 1Kg
139 Aluminium Silicate C.P. R&M 500g
140 Aluminium Stearate C.P. R&M 500g
141 Aluminium Sulfate 30% (W/V) "READIL". R&M 1Lt
142 Aluminium Sulfate 40% (W/V) "READIL". R&M 1Lt
143 Aluminium Sulfate Hydrate A.R./ACS. R&M 1Kg
144 Aluminon A.R. (Aurin tricarboxylic acid ammonium salt) R&M 25g
145 Amaranth (Acid Red 27) C.I.16185 “RMstain”. R&M 25g
146 Amberlite Resin. (IRA-400Cl) R&M 500g
147 Amberlite Resin. (IRA-120Na) R&M 500g
148 Amido black 10B C.I.20470 “RMstain”. R&M 25g
149 4-Aminoacetanilide C.P. R&M 100g
150 2-Aminoacetophenone C.P. R&M 5g
151 3-Aminoacetophenone C.P. R&M 100g
152 4-Aminoacetophenone C.P. R&M 100g
153 Amino acid standard kit for 24 items Set R&M 1Kit
154 4-Amino Antipyrine A.R. (4-Aminophenazone) R&M 25g
155 3-Aminobenzoic Acid pure. R&M 100g
156 4-Aminobenzoic Acid pure. R&M 100g
157 4-Amino butyric Acid "Biochem". R&M 100g
158 6-Aminocaproic Acid C.P. R&M 100g
159 4-Amino-3-Hydroxynaphthalene-1-Sulfonic Acid. R&M 25g
160 2-Amino-2-Methyl-13-Propanediol A.R. R&M 100g
161 5-Aminonapthlene-2-Sulfonic Acid C.P. (16-Cleve's Acid) R&M 5g
162 1-Amino-2-Napthol-4-Sulfonic Acid C.P. R&M 25g
163 2-Aminophenol C.P. R&M 100g
164 3-Aminophenol C.P. R&M 100g
165 4-Aminophenol C.P. R&M 250g
166 2-Aminopyridine C.P. R&M 250g
167 Ammonia Solution 30% A.R. R&M 2.5Lt
168 Ammonia Solution 25% A.R. R&M 2.5Lt
169 Ammonical Buffer pH 10 “READIL”. (For Hardness of water) R&M 1Lt
170 Ammoniacal Chloroform. "READIL" R&M 1Lt
171 Ammonium Acetate A.R. R&M 500g
172 Ammonium Adipate C.P. R&M 500g
173 Ammonium Benzoate C.P. R&M 500g
174 Ammonium Bicarbonate C.P. R&M 1Kg
175 Ammonium Bromide A.R. R&M 500g
176 Ammonium Carbonate A.R. R&M 500g
177 Ammonium Ceric Nitrate A.R./ACS R&M 250g
178 Ammonium Ceric Sulfate A.R./ACS. R&M 100g
179 Ammonium Chloride A.R./ACS. R&M 500g
180 Ammonium Chloride 5% (W/V) "READIL”. R&M 1Lt
181 Ammonium Chloride 8.5% (W/V) for Nitrogen ”READIL”. R&M 1Lt
182 Ammonium Chromate A.R. R&M 500g
183 tri-Ammonium Citrate C.P. R&M 500g
184 Ammonium Cupric Sulfate C.P. R&M 500g
185 Ammonium Dichromate A.R./ACS. R&M 500g
186 Ammonium Dihydrogen Phosphate A.R. R&M 500g
187 Ammonium Ferric Citrate A.R. R&M 500g
188 Ammonium Fluoride A.R. R&M 500g
189 Ammonium Fluoride 40% (W/V) ."READIL". R&M 1Lt
190 Ammonium Formate A.R. R&M 500g
191 Ammonium Hydrogen Difluoride A.R. (Ammonium Bifluoride) R&M 1Kg
192 di-Ammonium Hydrogen Citrate A.R. R&M 500g
193 di-Ammonium Hydrogen Phosphate A.R. R&M 500g
194 Ammonium Hydrogen Sulphate A.R. R&M 1Kg
195 Ammonium PhosphateDibasic ASTM No:139 "READIL”. R&M 1Lt
196 Ammonium PhosphateDibasic for Magnesium "READIL”. R&M 1Lt
197 Ammonium Iodide A.R. R&M 50g
198 Ammonium Iron (III) Citrate A.R. R&M 500g
199 Ammonium Iron (II) Sulfate 6-Hydrate A.R./ACS. R&M 1Kg
200 Ammonium Iron (II) Sulfate 0.1N soln. "READIL" R&M 1Lt
201 Ammonium Iron (III) Sulfate 12-Hydrate.A.R. R&M 1Kg
202 Ammonium Molybdate 4-Hydrate A.R. R&M 250g
203 Ammonium Nickel Sulfate A.R. R&M 100g
204 Ammonium Nitrate A.R./ACS. R&M 500g
205 Ammonium Nitrate 10% Solution "READIL" R&M 2.5Lt
206 Ammonium Oxalate 1-Hydrate A.R. R&M 500g
207 Ammonium Oxalate 5% (W/V) “READIL”. R&M 1Lt
208 Ammnoium Pentaborate C.P. R&M 500g
209 Ammonium Persulfate A.R. (Ammonium Peroxydisulfate) R&M 1Kg
210 Ammonium Reineckate A.R. (Colour Reagent & ppted for Mercury) R&M 10g
211 Ammonium Sulfamate A.R. R&M 500g
212 Ammonium Sulfamate C.P. R&M 500g
213 Ammonium Sulfate A.R. R&M 1Kg
214 Ammonium Sulfate 1.0 M “READIL”. R&M 1Lt
215 Ammonium Sulfide 8% Solution C.P. R&M 500ml
216 Ammonium Sulfite C.P. R&M 500g
217 Ammonium (+) Tartrate A.R. R&M 500g
218 Ammonium Tetramethylenedithiocarbamate C.P. R&M 10g
219 Ammonium Thiocyanate A.R. R&M 500g
220 Ammonium Thiocyanate 0.1N. “READIL”. R&M 1Lt
221 Ammonium Thiocyanate 1.0N. “READIL”. R&M 1Lt
222 Ammonium Thiocyanate ASTM No:140 “READIL”. R&M 1Lt
223 Ammonium Thiosulfate C.P. R&M 500g
224 Ammonium Tungstate C.P. R&M 100g
225 Ammonium meta-Vanadate A.R./ACS. R&M 100g
226 n-Amyl Acetate C.P. R&M 2.5Lt
227 Iso-Amyl Acetate C.P. R&M 2.5Lt
228 n-Amyl AlcoholA.R. (1-Pentanol) R&M 2.5Lt
229 Iso-Amyl Alcohol A.R. (3-Methyl-1-butanol) R&M 2.5Lt
230 Andrade's Indicator. "RMInd" R&M 500ml
231 Aniline C.P. (Pehylamine) R&M 500ml
232 Aniline Blue alcohol soluble C.I.42775 “RMstain”. R&M 25g
233 Aniline Blue 1% alcoholic solution “RMind” R&M 500ml
234 Aniline Blue water Soluble "RMStain" R&M 25g
235 Aniline Hydrochloride C.P. R&M 250g
236 Aniline Sulfate Lab R&M 250g
237 Aniline Sulfate alcoholic (acidified) “RMstain”. R&M 100ml
238 Anisaldehyde pure. R&M 500ml
239 Aniseed Oil pure. R&M 1Kg
240 p-Anisic acid C.P. R&M 100g
241 m-Anisidine C.P. R&M 100ml
242 o-Anisidine C.P. R&M 250ml
243 p-Anisidine “Biochem”. R&M 100g
244 Anisole C.P. (Methoxybenzene) R&M 500ml
245 Anthracene pure. R&M 100g
246 Anthracene for Scintillation. R&M 25g
247 Anthranilic acid 98+%. (2-Aminobenzoic acid) R&M 500g
248 Anthraquinone C.P. R&M 100g
249 Anthraquinone-2-Sulfonic Acid Sodium salts A.R. R&M 25g
250 Anthrone A.R. R&M 25g
251 Anti Bumping Granule Lab. R&M 250g
252 Anti Foaming Agent - Silicone Base R&M 1Lt
253 Anti Foaming Agent- Aqueous Base R&M 1Lt
254 Anti A.(for blood test) - 10ml Canada 10vial/box
255 Anti B.(for blood test) - 10ml Canada 10vial/box
256 Anti D.(for blood test) - 10ml Canada 10vial/box
257 Antimony AAS standard soln. 1000mg/l R&M 500ml
258 Antimonyl powder A.R./ACS. R&M 100g
259 Antimonyl (III) Chloride A.R. R&M 500g
260 Antimonyl (III) Oxide A.R. R&M 500g
261 Antimonyl Pentoxide C.P. R&M 250g
262 Antimonyl Potassium Tartrate A.R. R&M 250g
263 Antimonyl (III) Sulphide C.P. R&M 500g
264 L-Arabinose "Biochem" R&M 10g
265 L-Arginine free acid “Biochem”. R&M 100g
266 L-Arginine monoHCl “Biochem”. R&M 100g
267 D-Arginine free acid “Biochem”. R&M 1g
268 D-Arginine monoHCl “Biochem”. R&M 1g
269 Arsenazo I A.R. R&M 1g
270 Arsenazo III A.R. R&M 5g
271 Arsenic AAS standard soln. 1000mg/l R&M 500ml
272 Arsenic (III) Oxide A.R. R&M 500g
273 Asbestos for Gooch Crucibles R&M 500g
274 L-Ascorbic Acid A.R. R&M 250g
275 D-Asparagine 1-Hydrate “Biochem”. R&M 25g
276 L-Asparagine 1-Hydrate “Biochem”. R&M 100g
277 L-Aspartic acid “Biochem”. R&M 100g
278 D-Aspartic acid “Biochem”. R&M 5g
279 Auramine O C.I. 141000 “RMstain”. R&M 50g
280 Azelaic acid. C.P. R&M  
281 a-a- Azobisisobutyronitrile (AIBN) - 98% R&M 100g
282 Azocarmine G C.I. 50085 "RMStain" R&M 25g
283 Azoeosin “RMstain”. R&M 25g
284 Azomethine H A.R. R&M 5g
285 Azur A C.I. 52005 "RMstain". R&M 10g
286 Azur B C.I.52010 "RMstain". R&M 5g
287 Azur I C.I. 52010 “RMstain”. R&M 10g
288 Azur II C.I. 52010 + 52015 “RMstain”. R&M 25g
289 Azur C. "RMStain" R&M 25g
290 Azur II Eosin “RMstain”. R&M 25g
291 Bakelite C.P. R&M 500g
292 Barfoed's Reagent “READIL”. R&M 500ml
293 Barium AAS standard soln. 1000mg/l R&M 500ml
294 Barium Acetate A.R. R&M 500g
295 Barium Bromide C.P. R&M 500g
296 Barium Carbonate A.R./ACS. R&M 500g
297 Barium Carbonate C.P. R&M 500g
298 Barium Chloride 2-Hydrate A.R./ACS. R&M 500g
299 Barium Chloride for sulphate “READIL”. R&M 1Lt
300 Barium Chloride 10% w/v soln “READIL”. R&M 1Lt
301 Barium Chloranilate A.R./ACS. R&M 25g
302 Barium Chromate A.R. R&M 100g
303 Barium Diphenylamine Sulfonate A.R./ACS. R&M 5g
304 Barium Hydroxide 8-Hydrate A.R. R&M 500g
305 Barium Hydroxide 8-Hydrate C.P. R&M 500g
306 Barium Nitrate A.R. R&M 500g
307 Barium Oxide C.P. R&M 500g
308 Barium Perchlorate C.P. R&M 250g
309 Barium Peroxide C.P. R&M 250g
310 Barium Stearate C.P. R&M 500g
311 Barium Sulfate A.R./ACS. R&M 500g
312 Barium Sulfate C.P. R&M 1Kg
313 Baritt's Reagent A. "READIL" R&M 100ml
314 Baritt's Reagent B. "READIL" R&M 100ml
315 Bathocuproine A.R. R&M 100mg
316 Bathocuproinedisulfonic acid disodium salt A.R. R&M 100mg
317 Bathpheanthroline A.R. R&M 250mg
318 Bathophenanthroline Disulfonic Acid Disodium Salt A.R. R&M 250mg
319 Beef Extract powder "Bacto" R&M 500g
320 Bee Wax (white) C.P. R&M 500g
321 Benedict's Reagent for Glucose deter “READIL”.(qualitative) R&M 1Lt
322 Benedict's Reagent for Glucose deter “READIL”.(qualitative) R&M 500ml
323 Benedict's Reagent for Glucose deter “READIL”.(quanitative) R&M 1Lt
324 Bentonite C.P. (Aluminium Silicate hydrate) R&M 1Kg
325 Benzaldehyde C.P. R&M 500ml
326 Benzaldehyde C.P. R&M 2.5Lt
327 Benzalkonium Chloride 50% solution C.P. R&M 500ml
328 Benzamide C.P. R&M 500g
329 Benzanilide C.P. R&M 500g
330 Benzene C.P. R&M 2.5Lt
331 Benzene D6 D-99.5%. Alfa/US 10g
332 Benzidine dihydrochloride A.R./ACS. R&M 10g
333 Benzil C.P. R&M 250g
334 Benzil C.P. R&M 1Kg
335 Benzilic acid C.P. R&M 250g
336 Benzimidazole C.P. R&M 100g
337 Benzoic Acid A.R. R&M 500g
338 x-Benzoin C.P. R&M 250g
339 x-Benzoinoxime A.R. R&M 25g
340 Benzonitrile C.P. R&M 500ml
341 Benzophenone C.P. R&M 500g
342 p-Benzoquinone C.P. R&M 250g
343 123-Benzetriazole C.P. R&M 100g
344 Benzotrichloride C.P. R&M 500ml
345 2-Benzoylbenzoic Acid 98%. Alfa/US 250g
346 Benzoyl Chloride C.P. R&M 500ml
347 Benzyl Acetate.99+% Alfa/US 500g
348 Benzyl Alcohol A.R. R&M 2.5Lt
349 Benzoyl Peroxide (moistened with 25% water) C.P. R&M 500g
350 Benzylamine C.P. R&M 500ml
351 N6-Benzylaminopurine 99% A.R. (Benzyladenine) R&M 5g
352 Benzyl Benzoate C.P. R&M 500ml
353 Benzyl Chloride C.P. R&M 500ml
354 Benzyl Cyanide C.P. R&M 500ml
355 S-Benzylthiuronium Chloride C.P. (reagent for Cobalt & Nickel) R&M 100g
356 Benzyl Tributylammonium Chloride C.P. R&M 100g
357 Benzyl Triethylammonium Chloride C.P. R&M 500g
358 Benzyl Trimethylammonium Chloride C.P. R&M 500g
359 Berryllium Sulfate 4-Hydrate C.P. R&M 25g
360 Bial Reagent“READIL”. R&M 500ml
361 Bicarbonate Indicator solution “READIL”. R&M 500ml
362 Bicine Biological Buffer. R&M 25g
363 Biebrich Scarlet “RMstain”. R&M 25g
364 Bile salt "Bacto". R&M 100g
365 Bilirubin A.R. R&M 100mg
366 Bilirubin Reagent Total & Direct (Malloy & Evelyn Method) R&M 1 set
367 D(+)Biotin (Vit.H) “Biochem”. R&M 1g
368 Biphenyl C.P. R&M 100g
369 22Bipyridyl A.R. (Dipyridine) R&M 5g
370 22'-Biquinoline A.R. R&M 1g
371 Bismark Brown Y C.I.21000 “RMstain”. R&M 25g
372 Bismark Brown R C.I.21010 “RMstain”. R&M 25g
373 Bismuth AAS standard soln. 1000mg/l R&M 500ml
374 Bismuth metal powder 99.5%. R&M 100g
375 Bismuth Carbonate Basic C.P. R&M 100g
376 Bismuth Chloride C.P. R&M 100g
377 Bismuth Nitrate 5-Hydrate A.R. R&M 100g
378 Bismuth Oxide C.P. R&M 100g
379 Bismuth Subnitrate A.R. R&M 100g
380 Bismuth Sulfate C.P. R&M 250g
381 Bisphenol A C.P. R&M 500g
382 Biuret's Reagent Protein Det “READIL”. R&M 500ml
383 Blue tetrazolium “RMstain”. R&M 1g
384 Boiling Chips 1.5-9mm C.P. R&M 1Kg
385 Borate Buffer pH 9.5 for Nitrogen “READIL”. R&M 500ml
386 Borax-Carmine “Biochem”. R&M 100ml
387 Boric Acid A.R/ACS. R&M 1Kg
388 Boric Acid 5% W/V. ASTM:136 “READIL”. R&M 1Lt
389 Boric Acid 2% (W/V) “READIL”. (For Nitrogen Ammonia) R&M 1Lt
390 Boron AAS standard soln. 1000mg/l R&M 100ml
391 Boron Carbide Lab. (90 mesh) R&M 100g
392 Boron Nitride Lab R&M 50g
393 Boron Trifluoride Ethyl Ether Complex C.P. R&M 500ml
394 di-Boron Trioxide A.R. (Boric Oxide) R&M 250g
395 Bouchardat Reagent. "READIL".(For Alkaloids) R&M 100ml
396 Bovine Albumin Fraction V. R&M 10gm
397 Bouin's Fluid (Histopathology Fixative) R&M 500ml
398 Bradford's Reagent. "RMstain" R&M 500ml
399 Brain Heart Infusion for Microbilogy. R&M 500g
400 Brewer's yeast. C.P. R&M 500g
401 Brij 35(main component) C.P. R&M 100g
402 Brilliant Cresyl Blue C.I.51010 “RMstain”. R&M 5g
403 Brilliant Cresyl Blue0.3% Alcoholic soln. “RMstain”. R&M 500ml
404 Brilliant Green C.I. 42040 “RMstain”. R&M 25g
405 Brilliant Yellow C.I. 24890 “RMstain”. R&M 25g
406 Bromine C.P. R&M 20ml
407 Bromine C.P. R&M 2.2ml
408 Bromine water 3% C.P. R&M 250ml
409 Bromoacetic Acid C.P. R&M 100g
410 p-Bromoacetanilide 98%. Alfa/US 50g
411 4-Bromoacetophenone C.P. R&M 100g
412 4-Bromo Aniline C.P. R&M 25g
413 Bromobenzene A.R. R&M 500ml
414 2-Bromobutane 98%. Alfa/US 250g
415 2-Bromobutane 98%. Alfa/US 1kg
416 5-Bromo-4-chloro-3-indolyl-b-D-galactopyranoside. (X-Gal) Carbo/UK 1g
417 5-Bromo-4-chloro-3-indolyl-b-D-galactopyranoside. (X-Gal) Carbo/UK 5g
418 Bromochlorophenol Blue FA. "RMStain" R&M 25g
419 Bromocresol Green “RMstain”. R&M 5g
420 Bromocresol Greenwater soluble “RMstain”. R&M 5g
421 Bromocresol Green 0.04% Solution “RMstain”. R&M 500ml
422 Bromocresol Green 0.1% Alcoholic “RMstain”. R&M 500ml
423 Bromocresol Green mixed Methyl Red 0.1% Alcoholic R&M 500ml
424 Bromocresol Purple Indicator “RMstain”. R&M 5g
425 Bromocresol Purple 0.04% Solution “RMstain”. R&M 500ml
426 Bromocresol Purple 0.1% Alcoholic “RMstain”. R&M 500ml
427 Bromocyclopentane 98% Alfa/US 100g
428 Bromoethane C.P. (Ethyl Bromide) R&M 500ml
429 2-Bromoethylamine Hydrobromide C.P. R&M 500ml
430 Bromoform C.P. R&M 250ml
431 5-Bromo Indoxyl Acetate A.R. R&M 100mg
432 1-Bromonaphthalene C.P. R&M 100ml
433 Bromophenol Blue “RMstain”. R&M 10g
434 Bromophenol Blue 0.04% Solution “RMstain”. R&M 500ml
435 Bromophenol Blue 0.1% Alcoholic “RMstain”. R&M 500ml
436 Bromophenol Red. "RMStain" R&M 25g
437 1-Bromopropane C.P. R&M 250ml
438 2-Bromopropane C.P. R&M 500ml
439 Bromopyrogallol Red “RMInd”. R&M 1g
440 n-Bromosuccinimide C.P. R&M 100g
441 Bromosulphalein C.P. R&M 1g
442 Bromothymol Blue Indicator “RMstain”. R&M 10g
443 Bromothymol Blue Indicator “RMstain”. R&M 25g
444 Bromothymol Blue 0.04% Solution “RMstain”. R&M 500ml
445 Bromothymol Blue 0.04% Solution “RMstain”. R&M 250ml
446 Bromothymol Blue 0.1% Alcoholic “RMstain”. R&M 500ml
447 Bromo xylenol Blue. "RMStain" R&M 5g
448 5-Bromo Uracil C.P. R&M 5g
449 Buffer Neutral Formalin 10%. "READIL" R&M 2.5Lts
450 Buffer Neutral Formalin 10%. "READIL" R&M 25Lts
451 Buffer Solution pH 1 “READIL”.(Glycine) R&M 1Lt
452 Buffer Solution pH 2 “READIL”. R&M 1Lt
453 Buffer Solution pH 3 “READIL”. (Phthalate) R&M 1Lt
454 Buffer Solution pH 4 “READIL”. (Phthalate) R&M 1Lt
455 Buffer Solution pH 4 “READIL”.Colour Code: RED R&M 1Lt
456 Buffer Solution pH 5 “READIL”. (Phthalate) R&M 1Lt
457 Buffer Solution pH 6 “READIL”. (Phosphate) R&M 1Lt
458 Buffer Solution pH 7 “READIL”. (Phosphate) R&M 1Lt
459 Buffer Solution pH 7 “READIL”.Colour Code: YELLOW R&M 1Lt
460 Buffer Solution pH 8 “READIL”. (Phosphate) R&M 1Lt
461 Buffer Solution pH 9 “READIL”. (Borate) R&M 1Lt
462 Buffer Solution pH 10 “READIL”. (Borate) R&M 1Lt
463 Buffer Solution pH 10 “READIL”.Colour Code: BLUE R&M 1Lt
464 Buffer Solution pH 11 “READIL”. (Borate) R&M 1Lt
465 Buffer Solution pH 12 “READIL”. (Borate) R&M 1Lt
466 Buffer Solution pH 13 “READIL”. R&M 1Lt
467 Buffer Tablets pH 4.(1 tabletdissolved in 100ml distilled water) R&M 10tablets
468 Buffer Tablets pH 7.(1 tabletdissolved in 100ml distilled water) R&M 10tablets
469 Buffer Tablets pH 9.2.(1 tabletdissolved in 100ml distilled water) R&M 10tablets
470 1-Butane Sulfonic Acid Sodium Salt Ion Pair Chrom. R&M 25g
471 14-Butanediol. C.P. R&M 500ml
472 n-Butanol A.R. (1-Butanol) R&M 2.5Lt
473 n-Butanol C.P. (1-Butanol) R&M 2.5Lt
474 iso-Butanol C.P. (iso Butyl Alcohol) R&M 2.5Lt
475 sec-Butanol A.R (2-Butanol) R&M 2.5Lt
476 tert-Butanol A.R. (2-Methyl Propan-2-ol) (TBA) R&M 2.5Lt
477 Butoxyethanol C.P. (Ethylene Glycol monobutyl Ether) R&M 2.5Lt
478 n-Butyl Acetate A.R. R&M 2.5Lt
479 tert-Butyl Acetylchloride 98%+. Alfa/US 5g
480 tert-Butyl Benzene 97%. Alfa/US 500ml
481 Butyl Acrylate monomer C.P. R&M 500ml
482 n-Butylamine C.P. R&M 500ml
483 tert-Butylamine C.P. R&M 500ml
484 tert-Butyl Hydroperoxide 70% Aquos Solution. Alfa/US 500ml
485 Butylated Hydroxyanisole C.P. (BHA) R&M 100g
486 Butylated Hydroxytoluene C.P. (BHT) R&M 100g
487 n-Butyl Bromide C.P. R&M 500ml
488 4-tert-Butyl Catechol C.P. R&M 500g
489 tert-Butyl Chloride C.P. (2-chloro-2-methylpropane) R&M 500ml
490 tert-Butyl Hydroquinone C.P. (TBHQ) R&M 250g
491 tert-Butyl Iodide 97%. Alfa/Us 25g
492 Butyl Methacrylate C.P. R&M 500ml
493 4-tert-Butylphenol C.P. R&M 500g
494 Butyl Stearate C.P. R&M 500ml
495 Butyraldehyde C.P. (Butanal) R&M 500ml
496 Iso-Butyraldehyde C.P. R&M 500ml
497 n-Butyric Acid A.R. R&M 500ml
498 g-Butyrolactone C.P. R&M 500ml
499 Cadmium metal granular 99.9%. R&M 500g
500 Cadmium AAS standard soln. 1000mg/l. R&M 500ml
501 Cadmium Acetate A.R. R&M 500g
502 Cadmium Carbonate C.P. R&M 100g
503 Cadmium Chloride C.P. R&M 100g
504 Cadmium Iodide C.P. R&M 100g
505 Cadmium Nitrate A.R. R&M 500g
506 Cadmium Oxide A.R. R&M 250g
507 Cadmium Sodium Cyanide C.P. R&M 500g
508 Cadmium Sulfate A.R. R&M 250g
509 Cadmium Sulfide (orange) C.P. R&M 500g
510 Calamine C.P. R&M 500g
511 Calceine A.R. (Fluorescein Complexone) R&M 5g
512 Calcium granular C.P. R&M 100g
513 Calcium granular C.P. R&M 50g
514 Calcium AAS standard soln. 1000mg/l. R&M 500ml
515 Calcium Acetate A.R. R&M 500g
516 Calcium Bromide C.P. R&M 500g
517 Calcium Carbonate A.R. R&M 1Kg
518 Calcium Carbonate C.P. R&M 500g
519 Calcium Carbonate C.P. R&M 1Kg
520 Calcium Chloride fused granular C.P. R&M 500g
521 Calcium Chloride anhydrous granular C.P. R&M 500g
522 Calcium Chloride 2-Hydrate A.R. R&M 500g
523 Calcium Chloride 2-Hydrate C.P. R&M 500g
524 Calcium Chloride for BOD “READIL”. R&M 1Lt
525 tri-Calcium Citrate C.P. R&M 500g
526 Calcium Fluoride C.P. R&M 500g
527 Calcium Gluconate C.P. R&M 500g
528 Calcium Hardness Indicator Tablets R&M 100 tab
529 Calcium Hydride C.P. R&M 100g
530 Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate C.P. R&M 500g
531 Calcium Hydroxide A.R. R&M 500g
532 Calcium Iodate A.R. R&M 100g
533 Calcium Lactate C.P. R&M 500g
534 Calcium Nitrate 4-Hydrate C.P. R&M 500g
535 Calcium Oxalate A.R./ACS. R&M 100g
536 Calcium Oxide Lump C.P. R&M 1Kg
537 Calcium Oxide powder C.P. R&M 500g
538 Calcium-D-Panthotenate "Biochem" R&M 100g
539 Calcium Peroxide C.P. R&M 100gm
540 mono-Calcium Phosphate 1-Hydrate C.P. R&M 500g
541 tri-Calcium Phosphate C.P. R&M 500g
542 Calcium Propionate C.P. R&M 500g
543 Calcium Reagent (O-Cresolphthalein Method) R&M 1 set
544 Calcium Stain Kit:-Von Kossa's Method : R&M 1Kit
545 Calcium Stearate C.P. R&M 500g
546 Calcium Sulfateanhydrous C.P. (Plaster of Paris) R&M 1Kg
547 Calcium Sulfate 2-Hydrate C.P. R&M 500g
548 Calcon C.I.15705 “RMstain”. R&M 1g
549 Calcon carboxylic acid A.R. R&M 25g
550 Calmagite A.R. R&M 5g
551 Camphor Synthetic powder C.P. R&M 500g
552 Canada Balsam natural “Biochem”. R&M 100g
553 Canada Balsam 50% in Xylene “Biochem”.. R&M 100ml
554 Capric Acid (Decanoic acid) C.P. R&M 500ml
555 Caproic Acid (Hexanoic acid) C.P. R&M 500ml
556 Caprolactam C.P. R&M 250g
557 Caprylic Acid (Octanoic acid) C.P. R&M 500ml
558 Caprylic Acid Sodium Salt C.P. R&M 250g
559 Capsule Stain Kit (Hiss Method) R&M 1 set
560 Carbazole C.P. R&M 100g
561 Carbenicilline. "Biochem" R&M 5g
562 Carbol Gentian Violet Stain “RMstain”. R&M 250ml
563 Carbol Fuchsin Stain “RMstain”. R&M 25g
564 Carbol Fuchsin Ziehl-Neelson “RMstain”. R&M 500ml
565 Carbon (Charcoal) Activated granular C.P. R&M 500g
566 Carbon (Charcoal) Activated powder C.P. R&M 500g
567 Carbon (Charcoal) Block C.P. R&M  
568 Carbon disulfide C.P. R&M 500ml
569 Carbon Tetrachloride A.R. (Tetrachloromethane) R&M 2.5Lt
570 Carboxylene. "RMstain" R&M 100ml
571 Carboxymethylcellulose sodium salt C.P. R&M 500g
572 Carmine C.I.75470 “RMstain”. R&M 5g
573 Carmine stock solution.“RMstain”. R&M 120ml
574 Carminic Acid A.R. R&M 1g
575 Carmoisine A "RMstain". R&M 25g
576 Carnoy's Fluid. "RMStain" R&M 1Lt
577 Carrageenan powder. C.P. R&M 500g
578 Casein C.P. R&M 500g
579 Casitone "Bacto". R&M 500g
580 Castor Oil C.P. R&M 1Lt
581 Catechol Violet Complex Indicator “RMstain”. R&M 5g
582 Cedar Wood Oil natural C.P. R&M 100ml
583 Celestine Blue C.I.51050 “RMstain”. R&M 10g
584 Celite 545 A.R. R&M 1Kg
585 Cellobiose “Biochem”. R&M 25g
586 Celloidine 8% Histology. R&M 500ml
587 Cellosolve Acetate C.P. (2-Ethoxyethyl Acetate) R&M 500ml
588 Cellulose Acetate C.P. R&M 500g
589 Cellulose microcrystaline C.P. R&M 500g
590 Cerium (III) Acetate 99.9%-Ce R&M 50g
591 Cerium (III) Axetylacetone 99.9%-Ce. R&M 25g
592 Cerium (III) Nitrate A.R. R&M 100g
593 Ceric Oxide A.R. R&M 100g
594 Cerium (IV) Sulfate A.R. (Ceric Sulfate) R&M 100g
595 Ceric Sulfate 0.1 N "READIL". R&M 500ml
596 Cerium (III) Sulfate 99.9%. Alfa/US 50g
597 Cesium AAS standard soln. 1000mg/l. R&M 500ml
598 Cesium Chloride A.R. R&M 100g
599 Cesium Nitrate A.R. R&M 50g
600 Cesium Sulfate A.R. R&M 50g
601 Cetostearyl Alcohol C.P. R&M 500g
602 Cetyl Alcohol C.P. R&M 500g
603 Cetyl Pyridinium Bromide C.P. R&M 100g
604 Cetyl Pyridinium Chloride C.P. R&M 100g
605 N-Cetyl-NNN-Trimethylammonium Bromide A.R. (CTAB) R&M 500g
606 CHAPS. 99% "Biochem" R&M 5g
607 CHAPSO. 99% "Biochem" R&M 1g
608 CHES Buffer. 99% "Biochem" R&M 1g
609 Chitin pure. R&M 100g
610 Chloramine T A.R. R&M 250g
611 N-Chloramine T C.P. R&M 250gm
612 Chloride standard soln. 1ml=0.1mgCl. "READIL" R&M 500ml
613 Chlorine tablets (GERMISEP 0.5g/Disinfectant tablet) R&M 500tab.
614 Chlorine tablets (GERMISEP 0.5g/Disinfectant tablet) R&M 250tab.
615 Chloroanillic Acid A.R. R&M 100g
616 Chloroacetic Acid A.R. R&M 500g
617 2-Chloroaniline C.P. R&M 500ml
618 3-Chloroaniline C.P. R&M 500ml
619 4-Chloroaniline C.P. R&M 500g
620 Chloroauric Acid C.P. R&M 1g
621 2-Chlorobenzaldehyde C.P. R&M 500ml
622 Chlorobenzene C.P. R&M 2.5L
623 2-Chlorobenzoic acid C.P. R&M 500g
624 4-Chlorobenzoic acid C.P. R&M 250g
625 1-Chlorobutane 99+%. (n-Butyl chloride) Alfa/US 500ml
626 2-Chlorobutane 98+%.(sec-Butyl chloride) Alfa/US 250ml
627 4-Chloro-1-butanol 85%. Alfa/US 50g
628 4-Chloro-m-Cresol C.P. R&M 500g
629 1-Chloro-24-Dinitrobenzene C.P. R&M 500g
630 2-Chloro-2-5-Dinitropyridine A.R. R&M 1g
631 1-Chloro-2-3-Epoxy propane A.R. (Epichlorohydrine) R&M 500ml
632 2-Chloroethanol A.R. R&M 1L
633 Chloroform A.R./ACS. R&M 2.5L
634 Chloroform B.P. R&M 2.5L
635 Chloroform HPLC. R&M 2.5L
636 Chloroform:Iso-amyl Alcohol. R&M 100ml
637 1-Chloro-2-Nitrobenzene C.P. R&M 500g
638 1-Chloro-3-Nitrobenzene C.P. R&M 500g
639 1-Chloro-4-Nitrobenzene C.P. R&M 500g
640 2-Chlorophenol C.P. R&M 500ml
641 4-Chlorophenol C.P. R&M 500g
642 Chlorophenol Red pH Indicator “RMstain”. R&M 5g
643 p-Chlorophenoxyacetic Acid98+%. Alfa/US 100g
644 Chlorosulfonic Acid C.P. R&M 500ml
645 N-Chlorosuccinimide C.P. R&M 100g
646 2-Chlorotoluene C.P. R&M 500ml
647 3-Chlorotoluene 98% . Alfa/US 100g
648 4-Chlorotoluene C.P. R&M 500ml
649 Cholesterol A.R. R&M 100g
650 Cholesterol Reagent Enzymatic (CHOD-POD Method) R&M 1 set
651 Cholesterol Reagent Monostep (Wybenga Method) R&M 1 set
652 Choline Chloride 99%. R&M 500g
653 Choride Reagent (Thiocyanate Method) R&M 1 set
654 Chrome Azurol S C.I.43825 “RMstain”. R&M 5g
655 Chromic-Sulfuric acid Cleaning solution 1.(Sodium base) R&M 2.5Lt
656 Chromic-Sulfuric acid Cleaning solution 2.(Potassium base) R&M 2.5Lt
657 Chromium metal powder 99.0% R&M 500g
658 Chromium AAS standard soln. 1000mg/l. R&M 500ml
659 Chromium (III) Chloride 6-Hydrate C.P. R&M 250g
660 Chromium (III) Nitrate 9-Hydrate C.P. R&M 500g
661 Chromium (III) Oxide green. C.P. R&M 500g
662 Chromium (VI) Oxide (Chromium Trioxide) C.P. R&M 500g
663 Chromium Potassium Sulfate 12-Hydrate C.P. R&M 500g
664 Chromium (III) Sulfate basic C.P. R&M 250g
665 Chromotrope 2B. "RMStain" R&M 25g
666 Chromotrope 2R “RMstain”. R&M 10g
667 Chromotropic acid disodium salt A.R. R&M 25g
668 Chrysoidin R C.I.11320 “RMstain”. R&M 100g
669 Chrysoidin Y “RMstain”. R&M 100g
670 Cinnamaldehyde C.P. R&M 500ml
671 Cinnamic acid C.P. R&M 100g
672 Cinchonine C.P. R&M 100g
673 Citral C.P. R&M 250ml
674 Citrate Buffer Solution pH 4.5 “READIL”. R&M 500ml
675 Citrate Buffer Solution pH 6.0 “READIL”. R&M 500ml
676 Citric Acid anhydrous C.P. R&M 500g
677 Citric Acid 1-Hydrate C.P. R&M 500g
678 Citric Acid 10% (W/V) "READIL". R&M 1Lt
679 Citronellal C.P. R&M 100ml
680 Clove Oil for microscopy. R&M 500gm
681 Cobalt AAS standard soln. 1000mg/l R&M 500ml
682 Cobalt metal powder LAB. R&M 100g
683 Cobalt (II) Acetate C.P. R&M 100g
684 Cobalt (II) Carbonate C.P. R&M 500g
685 Cobalt Chloride paper (pack of 10 booklets/20 leaflets) R&M 1 pack
686 Cobalt (II) Chloride 6-Hydrate C.P. R&M 500g
687 Cobalt (II) Chloride 6-Hydrate C.P. R&M 250g
688 Cobalt Napthenate (6% Cobalt) R&M 500g
689 Cobalt (II) Nitrate 6-Hydrate C.P. R&M 500g
690 Cobalt (II) Oxide pure. R&M 500g
691 Cobalt (II) Sulfate 7-Hydrate C.P. R&M 500g
692 Colchicine C.P. R&M 1g
693 Collodion 4% C.P. R&M 500ml
694 Collodion Flexible C.P. R&M 500ml
695 Conductivity Standard 5446uS/cm. “READIL” R&M 1Lt
696 Conductivity Standard 12.88mS/cm .“READIL” R&M 1Lt
697 Congo Red C.I.22120 “RMstain”. R&M 25g
698 Congo Red Indicator “RMstain”. R&M 500ml
699 Coomasie Brilliant Blue R250 “Gel Electrophoresis”. R&M 25g
700 Coomasie Brilliant Blue G250 C.I. 42655 “Ultrpure" R&M 10g
701 Copper Sheet 2cm x 10cm 0.12mm. R&M 8pcs/set
702 Copper Foil ~0.1mm thickness C.P. R&M 250g
703 Copper Powder C.P. R&M 100g
704 Copper Powder C.P. R&M 250g
705 Copper Turning C.P. R&M 500g
706 Copper AAS standard soln. 1000mg/l R&M 500ml
707 Copper (II) Acetate 1-Hydrate C.P. R&M 500g
708 Copper (II) Carbonate A.R. R&M 500g
709 Copper (II) Chloride 2-Hydrate C.P. R&M 500g
710 Copper (II) Nitrate 3-Hydrate A.R. R&M 500g
711 Copper (II) Oxide C.P. R&M 500g
712 Copper (II) Sulfate anhydrous A.R. R&M 1Kg
713 Copper (II) Sulfate 5-Hydrate C.P. R&M 1Kg
714 Copper (II) Sulfate 5-Hydrate A.R. R&M 1Kg
715 Copper (II) Sulfate 0.02 mol/l. "READIL" R&M 1Lt
716 Acidic Copper Sulfate soln. "READIL" (Plating) R&M 2.5Lt
717 Copper Sulfide C.P. R&M 100g
718 Copper (II) Sulfite 6-Hydrate C.P. R&M 250g
719 Cotton Blue Lactophenol “RMstain”. R&M 100ml
720 Coumarin C.P. R&M 250g
721 Creatine C.P. R&M 25g
722 Creatine Phosphate Disodium Salt A.R. R&M 250mg
723 Creatinine “Biochem”. R&M 100g
724 Creatinine Hydrochloride “Biochem”. R&M 25g
725 Creatinine Reagent (Alkaline Picrate Method) R&M 1 set
726 Creatinine Zinc Chloride C.P. R&M 10g
727 Cresol Mixed Isomers C.P. R&M 500ml
728 0-Cresol C.P. R&M 500ml
729 m-Cresol C.P. R&M 500ml
730 p-Cresol C.P. R&M 500g
731 o-Cresolphthalein “RMstain”. R&M 25g
732 o-Cresolphthalein Complexone “RMstain”. R&M 1g
733 m-Cresol Purple "RMstain" R&M 1g
734 m-Cresol Purple 0.04% alcoholic soln "RMind" R&M 500ml
735 Cresol Red pH Indicator “RMstain”. R&M 25g
736 Cresol Red 0.02% Indicator Solution “RMstain”. R&M 500ml
737 Cresyl Fast Violet “RMstain”. R&M 5g
738 Crotonaldehyde C.P. R&M 500ml
739 Crotonic acid C.P. R&M 250g
740 18-Crown-6-Ether. 99.% R&M 25g
741 Crystal Violet C.I.42555 pH Indicator “RMstain”. R&M 25g
742 Crystal Violet 0.5% Solution “RMstain” (For Gram's). R&M 500ml
743 Crystal Violet 2.0% Solution “RMstain”. R&M 500ml
744 Cumene 99%. Alfa/US 250ml
745 Cupferron A.R./ACS. R&M 25g
746 Curcumin A.R. R&M 10g
747 Cyanuric acid 99% Alfa/US 250g
748 Cyanogen Bromide C.P. R&M 100g
749 12-Cyclohexylenedinitrilotetraacetic Acid monohydrate 98+%. Alfa/US 25gm
750 Cyclohexane A.R. R&M 2.5Lt
751 Cyclohexene C.P. R&M 1Lt
752 Cyclohexanol A.R/ACS. R&M 2.5Lt
753 Cyclohexanone A.R. R&M 2.5Lt
754 Cyclohexylamine C.P. R&M 500ml
755 L-Cysteine free acid “Biochem”. R&M 100g
756 L-Cysteine HCl “Biochem”. R&M 50g
757 L-Cystine “Biochem”. R&M 100g
758 Cytidine “Biochem”. R&M 5g
759 Cytosine “Biochem”. R&M 5g
760 Dacie's Fliud. "READIL" R&M 1Lt
761 Decalin C.P. R&M 500ml
762 Decanesulfonic Acid sodium salt A.R. R&M 5g
763 1-Decanol. C.P. (n-Decyl Alcohol) R&M 500ml
764 Devarda's Alloy powder LAB. R&M 100g
765 Dextrin white C.P. R&M 500g
766 Diacetone Alcohol C.P. R&M 2.5Lt
767 Diacetyl C.P. (23-Butanedione) R&M 100ml
768 Diacetyl monoxime A.R.(23-Butanedione monoxime) R&M 100g
769 3-3'-Diaminobenzidine Tetra Hydrochloride A.R. R&M 1g
770 trans-12-Diaminocyclohexane-NNN'N'-Tetraacetic acid.(CDTA) R&M 25g
771 Di-Ammonium Hydrogen Phosphate A.R. R&M 500g
772 O-Dianisidine C.P. (44-Diamino-33'-dimethoxybiphenyl) R&M 25g
773 Diatase from Fungal (Amylase act. 1:2000)“Biochem”. R&M 100g
774 Diatomaceous Earth (Filtering Aid). R&M 500g
775 Diazo Reagent A (for Bilirubin Determination) R&M 250ml
776 Diazo Reagent B (for Bilirubin Determination) R&M 250ml
777 Dibenzoyl Methane C.P. R&M 10g
778 12-Dibromoethane C.P. R&M 2.5Lt
779 12-Dibromoethane C.P. R&M 250ml
780 26-Dibromoquinone-4-Chlorimide A.R. R&M 5g
781 Di-n-butylamine C.P. R&M 500ml
782 Dibutyl Maleate C.P. R&M 500ml
783 Dibutyl phthalate C.P. R&M 500ml
784 Dibutyltin Oxide C.P. R&M 250g
785 12-Dichlorobenzene A.R. R&M 2.5Lt
786 13-Dichlorobenzene C.P. R&M 500ml
787 23-Dichlorobenzoic Acid A.R. R&M 10g
788 24-Dichlorobenzoic Acid A.R. R&M 250g
789 25-Dichlorobenzoic Acid A.R. R&M 10g
790 26-Dichlorobenzoic Acid A.R. R&M 5g
791 Dichlorodimethylsilane 99%. Alfa/US 500g
792 12-Dichloroethane A.R. (Ethylene Chloride) R&M 2.5Lt
793 27-Dichlorofluorescein Indicator “RMstain”. R&M 10g
794 27-Dichlorofluorescein 0.1% Indicator “RMstain”. R&M 500ml
795 Dichloromethane A.R. (Methylene Chloride) R&M 2.5Lt
796 Dichloromethane HPLC. (Methylene Chloride) R&M 2.5Lt
797 24-Dichlorophenol C.P. R&M 100g
798 26-Dichlorophenol C.P. R&M 100g
799 26-Dichlorophenolindophenol sodium salts A.R. (DCPIP) R&M 5g
800 26-Dichlorophenolindophenol sodium salts (DCPIP) 0.1% soln "REDAIL" R&M 100ml
801 24-Dichlorophenoxy Acetic Acid C.P. R&M 250g
802 26-Dichloroquinone-4-Chlorimide A.R. R&M 5g
803 Dicumyl Peroxide C.P. R&M 250g
804 Dicyadiamide pure. R&M 500g
805 Dicyclohexylamine C.P. R&M 500ml
806 Dicyclohexylcarbodimide C.P. R&M 100g
807 Diethanolamine C.P. R&M 1Lt
808 Diethylamine C.P. R&M 500ml
809 Diethylamine Hydrochloride C.P. R&M 100g
810 2-Diethylaminoethanol C.P. R&M 500ml
811 NNDiethylaniline A.R. (reagent for Zinc) R&M 500ml
812 Diethyl Carbonate C.P. R&M 500ml
813 Diethylene glycol C.P. R&M 500ml
814 Diethylene glycol Monobutyl Ether C.P. R&M 500ml
815 Diethylene glycol Monoethyl Ether C.P. R&M 500ml
816 Diethylene glycol Monomethyl Ether C.P. R&M 500ml
817 Diethylene Triamine C.P. R&M 500ml
818 Diethylene Triamine penta Acetic Acid C.P. R&M 100g
819 Diethyl Ether A.R. R&M 2.5Lt
820 Diethyl Ketone C.P. (3-Pentanone) R&M 500ml
821 Diethyl Malonate C.P. R&M 500ml
822 Diethyl Oxalate C.P. R&M 500ml
823 NN-Diethyl-p-Phenylenediamine Sulfate A.R. R&M 100g
824 Diethyl Phthalate C.P. R&M 500ml
825 Diethyl Sulfate C.P. R&M 500ml
826 13-Difluorobenzene. C.P. R&M 100ml
827 Digitonin A.R. R&M 1g
828 23Dihydroxybenzoic Acid C.P. (98+%) R&M 10g
829 24Dihydroxybenzoic Acid C.P. (97%) R&M 100g
830 25Dihydroxybenzoic Acid C.P. (99%) R&M 25g
831 26Dihydroxybenzoic Acid C.P. (98%) R&M 25g
832 34Dihydroxybenzoic Acid C.P. (97%) R&M 25g
833 35Dihydroxybenzoic Acid C.P. (98%) R&M 25g
834 12Dihydroxybenzene 35Sulfonic Acid sodium A.R. R&M 100g
835 27-Dihydroxynaphtalene 97%. Alfa/US 50g
836 3(3-4-Dihydroxy-Phenyl-L-Alanine “Biochem”.(L-Dopa) R&M 25g
837 3(3-4-Dihydroxy-Phenyl-DL-Alanine“Biochem”.(DL-Dopa) R&M 5g
838 Di-Iodomethane(For seperation of Minerals) R&M 100g
839 Di-isobutyl ketone A.R. R&M 2.5Lt
840 Diisopropylamine C.P. R&M 500ml
841 Diisopropyl ether A.R. (Iso propyl ether) R&M 2.5Lt
842 Dimedone A.R. R&M 25g
843 13-Dimethoxybenzene C.P.(Resorcinol dimethyl ether) R&M 100g
844 14-Dimethoxybenzene C.P.(Hydroquinone dimethyl ether) R&M 250g
845 34-Dimethoxycinnamic acid 99% Alfa/US 25g
846 Dimethylacetamide A.R. R&M 500ml
847 Dimethylamine 40% solution. R&M 500ml
848 p-Dimethylaminobenzaldehyde A.R. (Ehrlich's Reagent) R&M 100g
849 p-Dimethylamino Benzylidine Rhodanine A.R. R&M 5g
850 p-Dimethylamino Cinnamaldehyde A.R. R&M 5g
851 2-(Dimethylamino)-Ethanol C.P. R&M 500ml
852 4-(Dimethylamino) Pyridine C.P. R&M 25g
853 Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride C.P. R&M 500g
854 NNDimethylaniline 99%. R&M 500ml
855 Dimethyl Carbonate C.P. R&M 500ml
856 Dimethyldigol C.P. R&M 500ml
857 NN-Dimethylformamide A.R. R&M 2.5Lt
858 Dimethylgloxime A.R. R&M 50g
859 Dimethylgloxime for Nickel “READIL”. R&M 500ml
860 Dimethyl Glutarate 98%. Alfa/US 100g
861 NNDimethyl-1-naphthylamine 99%. Alfa/US 5ml
862 NNDimethyl-p-phenylenediamine C.P. R&M 50g
863 NNDimethyl-p-phenylenediamine Dihydrochloride A.R. R&M 25g
864 Dimethyl Phthalate C.P. R&M 500ml
865 Dimethyl POPOP Scintilation. R&M 5g
866 Dimethyl Sulfate C.P. R&M 500ml
867 Dimethylsulfoxide A.R. (DMSO) R&M 2.5Lt
868 Dimethylsulfoxided6 99.5% Alfa/US 10g
869 NN-Dimethyl Urea C.P. R&M 500g
870 Dimethyl Yellow "RMInd". R&M 25g
871 Dimidium Bromide A.R. R&M 1g
872 m-Dinitrobenzene C.P. R&M 100g
873 35-Dinitrobenzoic Acid A.R. R&M 100g
874 24-Dinitrophenol "RMInd" R&M 25g
875 24-Dinitrophenylhydrazine A.R. R&M 100g
876 24-Dinitrophenylhydrazine Phosphoric acid Soln “READIL”. R&M 500ml
877 24-Dinitrophenylhydrazine Solution “READIL”. R&M 500ml
878 35-Dinitrosalicyclic Acid A.R. R&M 50g
879 Dioctyl phthalate C.P. R&M 500ml
880 Dioctyl sodium sulphosuccinate C.P. R&M 500g
881 Dioctyl sodium sulphosuccinate 70% soln. C.P.(Wetting Agent) R&M 500ml
882 13-Dioxolane. A.R. R&M 500ml
883 14-Dioxane A.R R&M 1Lt
884 Diphenylamine A.R. R&M 100g
885 NN-Diphenyl Benzidine A.R. R&M 5g
886 15-Diphenylcarbazide A.R. R&M 25g
887 15-Diphenylcarbazone A.R. R&M 10g
888 Diphenyl Carbonate C.P. R&M 100g
889 Diphenyl ether C.P. R&M 500ml
890 Diphenyloxazole(PPO) Scint. R&M 25g
891 11-Diphenylhydrazine Hydrochloride 98%. Alfa/US 25g
892 Dipicrylamine A.R. R&M 5g
893 22-Dipyridyl A.R. (22-Bipyridine) R&M 25g
894 Distilled water A.R. R&M 2.5Lt
895 Dithioerythritol A.R. (D.T.E.) (Cleland's Reagent) R&M 1g
896 Dithiol A.R. R&M 1g
897 Dithiooxamide A.R. R&M 10g
898 Dithiothreitol A.R. (D.T.T.)(Cleland's Reagent) R&M 1g
899 Dithizone A.R. R&M 5g
900 1-Dodecene 95%. Alfa/US 100g
901 Dodecane Sulfonic Acid Sodium Salt A.R. R&M 5g
902 Dodeca-molybdophosphoric Acid A.R. R&M 100g
903 Dodeca-tungstophosporic Acid A.R. R&M 100g
904 Dodecyl Benzene C.P. R&M 250ml
905 Dodecyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid Sodium Salt C.P. R&M 500g
906 DPPH. 95% (22-Diphenyl-1-picryhydrazyl) Alfa/US 250mg
907 D.P.X mountant “Biochem”. R&M 500ml
908 Drabkin's Solution "READIL". R&M 500ml
909 Dragendroff's Reagent. "READIL" (For Alkaloids) R&M 100ml
910 Dulcitol “Biochem”. R&M 25g
911 Dutch Metal LAB. R&M 1pk
912 Dysprosium Oxide A.R. R&M 5g
913 EDTA free Acid A.R. R&M 500g
914 EDTA calcium disodium salts A.R./ACS. R&M 500g
915 EDTA di-potassium salts A.R./ACS. R&M 500g
916 EDTA di-sodium salts A.R./ACS. R&M 500g
917 EDTA di-sodium salts 0.5mol/l (1.0N) “READIL”. R&M 1Lt
918 EDTA di-sodium salts 0.1mol/l (0.2N) “READIL”. R&M 1Lt
919 EDTA di-sodium salts 0.05mol/l (0.1N) “READIL”. R&M 1Lt
920 EDTA di-sodium salts 0.01mol/l (0.02N) “READIL”. R&M 1Lt
921 EDTA ferric sodium salts A.R./ACS. R&M 500g
922 EDTA tetra-sodium salts C.P. R&M 500g
923 Eosin Blue C.I.45400 “RMstain”. R&M 25g
924 Eosin Y C.I.45380 “RMstain”. R&M 25g
925 Eosin 1% Alcoholic Solution “RMstain”. R&M 500ml
926 Eosin 1% Aqueous Solution “RMstain”. R&M 500ml
927 Eosin Methylene Blue. "RMStain" R&M 25g
928 Eosin-Nigrosin in NaCl 1 step staining. "RMStain" R&M 100ml
929 Epichlorohydrin A.R. R&M 500ml
930 Eriochrome Black T C.I.14645 “RMstain”. R&M 25g
931 Eriochrome Black T 0.5% Alcoholic soln. “RMstain”. R&M 500ml
932 Eriochrome Cyanine R “RMstain”. R&M 25g
933 Erioglaucine A C.I. 42090 "RMstain". R&M 5g
934 Erythrosine B C.I. 45430 “RMstain”. R&M 25g
935 Erythrosine B C.I. 45430 “RMstain”. R&M 100g
936 Esbach's Reagent "RMstain". R&M 500ml
937 Ethane Sulfonic Acid Sodium Salt A.R. R&M 5g
938 Ethanolic potassium Hydroxide 0.1mol/l. "READIL" R&M 1Lt
939 Ethephon. (2-Chloroethylphosphonic acid). ~90% R&M 200ml
940 Ethidium Bromide A.R. R&M 1g
941 Ethidium Bromide Aq. Soln. 10mg/ml."READIL" R&M 10ml
942 Ethyl Acetate HPLC. R&M 2.5Lt
943 Ethyl Acetate A.R. R&M 2.5Lt
944 Ethyl Acetate A.R. R&M 25Lts
945 Ethyl Acetoacetate C.P. R&M 500ml
946 Ethyl Acrylate C.P. R&M 500ml
947 Ethylamine 70% solution C.P. R&M 500ml
948 N-Ethylaniline C.P. R&M 500ml
949 Ethyl Benzene C.P. R&M 500ml
950 Ethyl Benzoate C.P. R&M 1Lt
951 Ethyl Bromoacetate C.P. R&M 250ml
952 Ethyl Cellulose C.P. R&M 500g
953 Ethyl Chloroacetate C.P. R&M 500ml
954 Ethyl Chloroformate C.P. R&M 500ml
955 Ethyl Cinnamate C.P. R&M 100ml
956 Ethyl Cynoacetate C.P. R&M 500ml
957 Ethylenediamine C.P. R&M 500ml
958 Ethylenediamine Dihydrochloride C.P. R&M 10g
959 Ethylenediamine Dihydrochloride C.P. R&M 50g
960 Ethylenediamine Dihydrochloride C.P. R&M 100g
961 Ethylene glycol A.R. (Ethanediol) R&M 2.5Lt
962 Ethylene glycol dimethyl ether C.P. (12-Dimethoxyethane) R&M 500ml
963 Ethylene glycol monobutyl ether C.P.(2-Butoxyethanol) R&M 2.5Lt
964 Ethylene glycol monoethyl ether C.P.(2-Ethoxyethanol) R&M 2.5Lt
965 Ethylene glycol monomethyl ether C.P. (2-Methoxyethanol) R&M 2.5Lt
966 Ethyl Eosin. "RMStain" R&M 25g
967 Ethyl Formate C.P. R&M 500ml
968 Ethyl 4-Hydroxy Benzoate C.P. R&M 250g
969 Ethyl Iodide C.P. R&M 100ml
970 Ethyl Methyl Sulfonate C.P. R&M 10g
971 Ethyl Oleate C.P. R&M 500ml
972 Ethyl Orange sodium salt. "RMStain" R&M 25g
973 Ethyl Salicylate C.P. R&M 500ml
974 Ethyl Violet. "RMStain" R&M 25g
975 Eucalyptus oil C.P. R&M 500ml
976 Eugenol C.P. R&M 100ml
977 Euparol Mountant. "Micro" R&M 100ml
978 Europium Oxide A.R. (99.9%) R&M 5g
979 Evan's blue “RMstain”. R&M 25g
980 Fast blue B salt “RMstain”. R&M 25g
981 Fast blue BB salt C.I.37175 “RMstain”. R&M 25g
982 Fast Garnet GBC C.I.37210 “RMstain”. R&M 25g
983 Fast green FCF “RMstain”. R&M 5g
984 Fast Sulfon Black F “RMstain”. R&M 25g
985 Fehling A “READIL”. R&M 1Lt
986 Fehling B “READIL”. R&M 1Lt
987 Felspar Powder C.P. R&M 100g
988 Felspar Rock C.P. R&M 100g
989 Ferric Alum Indicator "RMInd" R&M 500ml
990 Ferrocene. C.P. R&M 100g
991 Ferroin Indicator Solution “RMstain”. R&M 100ml
992 Field Stain A “RMstain”. R&M 500ml
993 Field Stain A “RMstain”. R&M 25g
994 Field Stain B “RMstain”. R&M 500ml
995 Field Stain B “RMstain”. R&M 25g
996 Flagella Stain Kit Accrd. Leifson's R&M 1Kit
997 Fluorescein C.I.45350 “RMstain”. R&M 25g
998 Fluorescein sodium C.I.45350 “RMstain”. R&M 25g
999 Fluorescein 1% Aqueous Solution C.I.45350 “RMstain”. R&M 500ml
1000 Fluorobenzene C.P. R&M 500ml
1001 Fluoroboric Acid 40% solution C.P. R&M 2.5Lt
1002 1-Fluoro-24-Dinitrobenzene A.R. R&M 25g
1003 1-Fluoro-4-Nitrobenzene. C.P. R&M 100ml
1004 5-Fluoro Uracil C.P. R&M 1g
1005 Folic Acid “Biochem”. R&M 100g
1006 Folin & Ciocateu' Phenol Reagent “RMstain”. R&M 500ml
1007 Formalin-Aceto-Alcohol."READIL" R&M 2.5Lt
1008 Formaldehyde 37-40% C.P. R&M 2.5Lt
1009 Florosil 60-100 mesh for colomn chrom. R&M 500g
1010 Florosil 100-200 mesh Alfa/US 100g
1011 Formamide C.P. R&M 500ml
1012 Formic Acid 90% C.P. (Methanoic Acid) R&M 2.5Lt
1013 Formic Acid 98-100% C.P. (Methanoic Acid) R&M 2.5Lt
1014 Formol saline."READIL" R&M 2.5Lts
1015 Fouchet's Reagent. R&M 1Lt
1016 D-Fructose C.P. R&M 500g
1017 Fuchsin Acid “RMstain”. R&M 25g
1018 Fuchsin Acid0.5% Aqueous soln.(Mallory)“RMstain”. R&M 1Lt
1019 Fuchsin Basic “RMstain”. R&M 25g
1020 Fuchsin Basic 1.0 % w/v alcoholic soln.“RMstain”. R&M 500ml
1021 Fuller's Earth for Adsorption C.P. R&M 500g
1022 Fumaric acid C.P. R&M 500g
1023 Furan 99% stab. With 25ppm BHT Alfa/US 500ml
1024 Furfuraldehyde C.P. R&M 500ml
1025 Furfuryl alcohol C.P. R&M 500ml
1026 Furfuralamine C.P. R&M 500ml
1027 Fusion Mixture A.R./ACS. R&M 500g
1028 D (+) Galactose “Biochem”. R&M 250g
1029 Gallic acid C.P. R&M 500g
1030 Gelatin C.P. R&M 500g
1031 Gentian Violet C.I.42535 “RMstain”. R&M 25g
1032 Gentian Violet 1% w/v aqueous solution “RMstain”. R&M 500ml
1033 Gentian Violet Alcoholic solution “pHInd”. R&M 500ml
1034 Geraniol 97% R&M 50g
1035 Giberellic acid A.R. (GA3-90%) R&M 1g
1036 Giemsa's Stain powder “RMstain”. R&M 25g
1037 Giemsa's Stain Solution “RMstain”. R&M 500ml
1038 Girard's Reagent P A.R. R&M 25g
1039 Glass Bead LAB. (3.5-4.5mm) R&M 500g
1040 Glass Clean (Detergent) LAB. R&M 5Lt
1041 Glass Wool LAB. R&M 500g
1042 D-Glucose anhydrous C.P. R&M 1Kg
1043 D-Glucose monohydrate C.P. R&M 1Kg
1044 Glucose Oxidase. (Aspergilus Nigar) R&M 10000 units
1045 Glucose Enzymatic Reagent (GOD_POD Method) R&M 1 set
1046 Glucose-1-Phosphate Dipotassium salt "Biochem". R&M 1g
1047 Glucose-1-Phosphate Disodium salt "Biochem". R&M 1g
1048 Glucose-6-Phosphate Disodium salt "Biochem". R&M 1g
1049 Glucose Reagent Direct (O-Toluidine Method) R&M 1 set
1050 D-Glutamic Acid “Biochem”. R&M 5g
1051 L-Glutamic Acid “Biochem”. R&M 500g
1052 L-Glutamine “Biochem”. R&M 100g
1053 Glutaraldehyde C.P. (25% aqueous solution) R&M 500ml
1054 Glutaraldehyde C.P. (50% aqueous solution) R&M 500ml
1055 Glutathione (reduced) “Biochem”. R&M 1g
1056 Glycerol anhydrous A.R. (Glycerine) R&M 2.5Lt
1057 Glycerol Jelly. Mounting Media. R&M 200ml
1058 Glycerol monostearate "Biochem". R&M 1Kg
1059 Glycerol Triacetate "Biochem". R&M 500ml
1060 Glycerol Tributyrate "Biochem". R&M 100ml
1061 Glycine A.R. R&M 500g
1062 Glycogen “Biochem”. R&M 5g
1063 Glycollic acid 70% (in water) C.P. R&M 500ml
1064 Glycyl glycine “Biochem”. (Diglycine) R&M 25g
1065 Glyoxal Bis-(2-Hydroxyanil) A.R. R&M 25g
1066 Gold AAS standard soln. 1000mg/l. R&M 100ml
1067 Gower's Red Blood Cell Diluting Fluid. R&M 500ml
1068 Grams Iodine solution “RMstain”. R&M 500ml
1069 Graphite powder C.P. R&M 500g
1070 Griess Reagent I.(1% Sulfanilamide in 2M HCl) "READIL" R&M 500ml
1071 Griess Reagent II.(0.1% N-(Naphththylenediamine diHCl in 2M HCl)"READIL" R&M 500ml
1072 Guaiacol C.P. R&M 500ml
1073 Guanidine HCl “Biochem”. R&M 250g
1074 Guanidine Nitrate pure R&M 250g
1075 Guanidine Thiocyanate pure R&M 50g
1076 Guanine “Biochem”. R&M 25g
1077 Guanine HCl “Biochem”. R&M 25g
1078 Guanosine “Biochem”. R&M 25g
1079 Gum Arabic powder C.P. (Gum Arabic) R&M 500g
1080 Gum Tragacanth C.P. R&M 500g
1081 Guar Gum C.P. R&M 1kg
1082 Gram Staining Kit. R&M 1 set
1083 Haematoxylin C.I.75290 “RMstain”. R&M 100g
1084 Haematoxylin C.I.75290 “RMstain”. R&M 25g
1085 Haematoxylin 0.5% Alcoholic soln. “RMstain”. R&M 500ml
1086 Haematoxylin (Delafied) “Biochem”. R&M 500ml
1087 Haematoxylin (Ehrlich) “Biochem”. R&M 500ml
1088 Haematoxylin Gill's No:-1. single strength)“RMstain”. R&M 1Lt
1089 Haematoxylin Gill's No:-2. Double strength)“RMstain”. R&M 1Lt
1090 Haematoxylin Gill's No:-3. Triple strength)“RMstain”. R&M 1Lt
1091 Haematoxylin (Harris Modified) “Biochem”. R&M 500ml
1092 Haematoxylin (Mayer's) “Biochem”. R&M 500ml
1093 Haematoxylin (Weigert's Iron) “Biochem”. R&M 500ml
1094 Haemoglobin powder C.P. R&M 100g
1095 Haemoglobin Reagent (Drabkin's Cyanmethaemoglobin Method) R&M 1 set
1096 Haemoglobin Standard R&M 10ml
1097 Hager's Reagent (for Alkaloids wool and silk) R&M 500ml
1098 Hayem's Blood counting Fluid for red cell. "READIL" R&M 500ml
1099 HDL Cholesterol Enzymatic Reagent R&M 1 set
1100 Heparin sodium (20000IU/vial) R&M 1 vial
1101 Heparin sodium (1000000IU/vial) R&M 1 vial
1102 HEPES (Buffer) A.R. R&M 100g
1103 HEPES sodium salt 99%. Alfa/US 25g
1104 Heptaflurobutyric Anhydride (HFBA) (98+%.) Alfa/US 5g
1105 n-Heptane A.R. R&M 2.5Lt
1106 1-Heptane Sulfonic Acid Sodium Salts A.R. R&M 5g
1107 Heptanoic Acid (98+%.) Alfa/US 500ml
1108 Hexachloroplatinic (40% pt). R&M 1g
1109 n-Hexadecane (99%.) Alfa/US 100ml
1110 n-Hexadecane (99%.) Alfa/US 500ml
1111 111333-Hexamethyldisilazane 98+% Alfa/US 500ml
1112 Hexamethylenediamine C.P. (16-Diaminohexane) R&M 500g
1113 Hexamethylenediamine C.P. (16-Diaminohexane) R&M 100g
1114 Hexamine C.P. (Hexamethylenetetramine) R&M 500g
1115 Hexane A.R. (mix isomers) R&M 2.5Lt
1116 Hexane Technical   25Lts
1117 n-Hexane A.R. R&M 2.5Lt
1118 n-Hexane C.P. R&M 2.5Lt
1119 1-Hexane Sulfonic Acid Sodium Salt A.R. R&M 5g
1120 1-Hexanol 99% Alfa/US 500ml
1121 1-Hexene 99%. Alfa/US 100ml
1122 Hexylene Glycol C.P. R&M 500ml
1123 High Vacuum Silicon Grease Dow 150g
1124 Hippuric acid C.P. R&M 250g
1125 D-Histidine free acid “Biochem”. R&M 5g
1126 L-Histidine free acid “Biochem”. R&M 100g
1127 L-Histidine monoHCl “Biochem”. R&M 100g
1128 Hucker's Iodine solution “RMstain”. R&M 500ml
1129 Hyamine 1622 for tensile test A.R. R&M 100g
1130 Hydrazine Hydrate 80% A.R. R&M 500ml
1131 Hydrazine Hydrochloride C.P. (Hydrazinium Chloride) R&M 500g
1132 Hydrazine Sulfate A.R. (Hydrazinium Sulfate) R&M 500g
1133 Hydriodic acid- 57% A.R. (stabilised) R&M 250ml
1134 Hydrobromic Acid 48-50% A.R. R&M 2.5Lt
1135 Hydrochloric Acid 32% C.P. R&M 2.5Lt
1136 Hydrochloric Acid 32% Technical grade. Local 25Kg
1137 Hydrochloric Acid 37% A.R./ACS. R&M 2.5Lt
1138 Hydrochloric Acid 37% A.R./ACS. R&M 30Kg
1139 Hydrochloric Acid 0.01mol/l (0.01N)”READIL”. R&M 1Lt
1140 Hydrochloric Acid 0.02mol/l (0.02N)”READIL”. R&M 1Lt
1141 Hydrochloric Acid 0.05mol/l (0.05N)”READIL”. R&M 1Lt
1142 Hydrochloric Acid 0.1mol/l (0.1N) “READIL”. R&M 1Lt
1143 Hydrochloric Acid 0.2mol/l (0.2N) “READIL”. R&M 1Lt
1144 Hydrochloric Acid 0.5mol/l (0.5N)”READIL”. R&M 1Lt
1145 Hydrochloric Acid 1.0mol/l (1.0N) “READIL”. R&M 1Lt
1146 Hydrochloric Acid 2.0mol/l (2.0N) “READIL”. R&M 1Lt
1147 Hydrochloric Acid 3.0mol/l (3.0N) “READIL”. R&M 1Lt
1148 Hydrochloric Acid 5.0mol/l (5.0N)”READIL”. R&M 1Lt
1149 Hydrochloric Acid 6.0mol/l (6.0N)”READIL”. R&M 1Lt
1150 Hydrochloric Acid 17.45-18.43%(1.085-1.090)”READIL”. R&M 1Lt
1151 Hydrochloric Acid 3%(W/V) "READIL". R&M 1Lt
1152 Hydrochloric Acid 5%(W/V) "READIL". R&M 1Lt
1153 Hydrochloric Acid 10%(W/V) "READIL". R&M 1Lt
1154 Hydrochloric Acid 10%(W/V) "READIL". R&M 2.5Lt
1155 Hydrochloric Acid 10%(W/V) "READIL". R&M 25Lt
1156 Hydrochloric Acid 18%(W/V) "READIL". R&M 1Lt
1157 Hydrochloric Acid 20%(W/V) "READIL". R&M 1Lt
1158 Hydrofluoric Acid 48-50% A.R. R&M 5Lt
1159 Hydrofluoric Acid 0.1N "READIL". R&M 1Lt
1160 Hydrofluoric Acid 1.0N "READIL". R&M 1Lt
1161 Hydrogen Peroxide 30% (100vol) A.R. R&M 2.5Lt
1162 Hydrogen Peroxide 35% (120vol) C.P. R&M 2.5Lt
1163 Hydrogen Peroxide 50% C.P. R&M 2.5Lt
1164 Hydrogen Peroxide 6% (20vol) C.P. R&M 500ml
1165 Hydrogen Peroxide 3% C.P. R&M 500ml
1166 Hydroquinone C.P. R&M 500g
1167 Hydroquinone Dimethyl Ether C.P. R&M 250g
1168 o-Hydroxyacetophenone C.P. R&M 100ml
1169 m-Hydroxyacetophenone C.P. R&M 25g
1170 p-Hydroxyacetophenone C.P. R&M 100g
1171 4-Hydroxyacetanillide C.P. R&M 500gm
1172 Hydroxybenzaldehyde C.P. (Salicyladehyde) R&M 100ml
1173 p-Hydroxybenzoic acid C.P. R&M 500g
1174 trans-4-Hydroxycinnamic acid 98% Alfa/US 25g
1175 p-Hydroxy Diphenyl C.P. R&M 100g
1176 Hydroxylamine Hydrochloride A.R. R&M 500g
1177 Hydroxylamine Sulfate A.R. R&M 500g
1178 Hydroxyethyl Cellulose C.P. R&M 500g
1179 Hydroxynaptol blue “RMstain”. R&M 5g
1180 L-Hydroxyproline. "Biochem" R&M 25g
1181 Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose (Premium) R&M 1Kg
1182 8-Hydroxyquinoline A.R./ACS. R&M 50g
1183 Hypophosphorous Acid C.P. (30-32%) R&M 500ml
1184 Hypoxanthine “Biochem”. R&M 25g
1185 Imidazole C.P. R&M 100g
1186 Iminodiacetic acid C.P. R&M 500g
1187 Immersion Oil for microscopy. R&M 100ml
1188 Indene C.P. R&M 25ml
1189 Indian Ink. "RMStain" R&M 100ml
1190 Indicator mixed 4.5. (for Alkalinity test). "RMInd" R&M 500ml
1191 Indigo Carmine C.I.73015 “RMstain”. R&M 25g
1192 Indium AAS standard soln. 1000mg/l. R&M 100ml
1193 Indium metal 99.9%. R&M 25g
1194 Indole A.R. (For estimation of DNA) R&M 50g
1195 Indole-3-Acetic Acid A.R. (IAA-plant hormone) R&M 5g
1196 Indole-3-Butyric Acid A.R. (IBA-plant Hormone) R&M 5g
1197 Indole-3-Carboxylic Acid A.R. R&M 5g
1198 Indole-3-Propionic Acid A.R. R&M 5g
1199 Inosine “Biochem”. R&M 10g
1200 meso-Inositol "Biochem". (Myo-Inositol) R&M 100g
1201 I.N.T. A.R. (2-[4-Iodophenyl]-3-[4-nitrophenyl]-5-phenyltetrazolium chloride) R&M 1g
1202 Inulin “Biochem”. R&M 25g
1203 Iodic acid A.R. R&M 25g
1204 Iodine-Acetone “READIL”. R&M 500ml
1205 Iodine Resublimed (Prilled) A.R. R&M 100g
1206 Iodine Resublimed (Prilled) A.R. R&M 25Kg
1207 Iodine 0.05mol/l (0.1N) “READIL”. R&M 500ml
1208 Iodine 0.50mol/l (1.0N) “READIL”. R&M 500ml
1209 Iodine 1% Solution “READIL”. R&M 500ml
1210 Iodine Tinture C.P. R&M 2.5L
1211 Iodoacetamide 97%. Alfa/US 5g
1212 Iodoacetamide 97%. Alfa/US 25g
1213 Iodoform C.P. R&M 250g
1214 1-Iodobutane C.P. 99%. (n-Butyl Iodide) R&M 100g
1215 2-Iodobutane C.P. 99%. (sec-Butyl Iodide) R&M 100g
1216 Iron AAS standard soln. 1000mg/l. R&M 500ml
1217 Iron powder 230 mesh A.R. R&M 500g
1218 Iron (II) Chloride 4-Hydrate C.P. R&M 500g
1219 Iron (III) Chloride anhydrous C.P. R&M 500g
1220 Iron (III) Chloride 6-Hydrate A.R. R&M 500g
1221 Iron (III) Chloride 10% (W/V) "READIL". R&M 1Lt
1222 Iron (III) Chloride 30% (W/V) "READIL". R&M 1Lt
1223 Iron (III) Chloride 60% (W/V) "READIL". R&M 1Lt
1224 Iron (III) Citrate C.P. R&M 500g
1225 Iron (III) Nitrate 9-Hydrate C.P. R&M 500g
1226 Iron (III) Oxide red C.P. R&M 500g
1227 Iron (III) Oxide brown C.P. R&M 500g
1228 Iron (II) Oxide black C.P. R&M 500g
1229 Iron (III) Phosphate C.P. R&M 250g
1230 Iron (II) Sulfate anhydrous A.R/ACS. R&M 500g
1231 Iron (II) Sulfate 7-Hydrate A.R/ACS. R&M 500g
1232 Iron (II) Sulfate 0.1N. "READIL" R&M 1Lt
1233 Iron (III) Sulfate C.P. R&M 500g
1234 Iron (II) Sulphide C.P. R&M 500g
1235 Isatin A.R. R&M 100g
1236 Iso-Amyl-Acetate C.P. R&M 2.5L
1237 Iso-Amyl Alcohol A.R. R&M 2.5L
1238 Iso-Butanol C.P. (2-Methyl-1-propanol) R&M 2.5L
1239 Iso-Butyraldehyde C.P. (98.0%) R&M 500ml
1240 Iso-Butyric Acid C.P. (99.0%) R&M 500ml
1241 L-Isoleucine “Biochem”. R&M 25g
1242 Isoniazide Pure. (Isonicotinic Acid Hydrazide) R&M 100g
1243 Isophorone C.P. R&M 1L
1244 Isophthalic Acid C.P. R&M 500g
1245 Iso-Propyl-Alcohol A.R. (2-Propanol) R&M 2.5L
1246 Iso-Propyl-Alcohol A.R. (2-Propanol) R&M 25Lts
1247 Iso-Propyl Alcohol Technical   25Lts
1248 Isopropylamine C.P. R&M 500ml
1249 Isopropyl Myristate C.P. R&M 500ml
1250 Isopropyl chloride 99%. (2-Chloropropane) Alfa/US 100ml
1251 Isopropyl-b-D-thiogalactopyranoside. Carbo/UK 50g
1252 Itaconic Acid C.P. R&M 500g
1253 Jack Bean Meal. (Source of Urease) R&M 100g
1254 Jabus Blue. "RMStain" R&M 10g
1255 Janus green B “RMstain”. R&M 10g
1256 Jenner's Stain “RMstain”. R&M 25g
1257 Kalignost A.R. (Sodium Tetraphenyl Boron) R&M 10g
1258 Kaolin C.P. R&M 500g
1259 Karl Fischer Reagent Pyridine free Single Solution R&M 500ml
1260 Kerosine C.P.. R&M 2.5L
1261 2-Ketoglutaric acid C.P. R&M 100g
1262 Kieselguhr. (purified white) R&M 1Kg
1263 Kieselguhr G. R&M 500g
1264 Kinetin 98.5% “Biochem”. (6-Furfurylaminopurine) R&M 1g
1265 Knop's solution. "READIL" R&M 1Lt
1266 Kovac's Indole Reagent "READIL". R&M 500ml
1267 Lacmoid "RMInd". R&M 5g
1268 Lactic Acid 5%(W/V)"READIL". R&M 1Lt
1269 Lactic Acid 88% A.R. R&M 500ml
1270 Lactic Acid 88% A.R. R&M 2.5L
1271 Lactic Acid 90% A.R. R&M 25Kg
1272 Lacto-Fuchsin. "RMStain" R&M 100ml
1273 Lactophenol for microscopy. R&M 500ml
1274 Lactophenol cotton-blue “RMstain”. R&M 100ml
1275 Lactophenol Picric Acid for Microscopy. R&M 500ml
1276 Lactose 1-Hydrate C.P. R&M 500g
1277 Lanthanum AAS standard soln. 1000mg/l. R&M 500ml
1278 Lanthanum Acetate C.P. R&M 100g
1279 Lanthanum Chloride A.R. R&M 100g
1280 Lanthanum Nitrate A.R. R&M 100g
1281 Lanthanum Oxide A.R. R&M 100g
1282 Lauric Acid pure. (Dodecanoic acid) R&M 500g
1283 Lauroyl Peroxide C.P. R&M 100g
1284 Lauroyl Peroxide C.P. R&M 25g
1285 Lauryl Alcohol C.P. (1-Dodecanol) R&M 500ml
1286 Lead AAS standard soln. 1000mg/l. R&M 500ml
1287 Lead metal sheet C.P. R&M 500g
1288 Lead powder C.P. R&M 500g
1289 Lead Plate 7.5cm x 2cm. R&M pack/5pcs
1290 Lead shot C.P. (Granular) R&M 500g
1291 LeadStrip 2cm x 10cm x0.2mm C.P. R&M 5pcs/set
1292 Lead (II) Acetate Basic A.R. R&M 500g
1293 Lead (II) Acetate Basic A.R. R&M 1Kg
1294 Lead (II) Acetate 3-Hydrate A.R. R&M 500g
1295 Lead (II) Acetate 10% Aqueoues soln. "READIL" R&M 500ml
1296 Lead (II) Bromide C.P. R&M 500g
1297 Lead (II) Carbonate C.P. R&M 500g
1298 Lead (II) Chloride C.P. R&M 500g
1299 Lead Chromate A.R. R&M 250g
1300 Lead (II) Iodide C.P. R&M 500g
1301 Lead (II) Nitrate A.R. R&M 500g
1302 Lead (II) Oxide C.P. (Yellow) R&M 500g
1303 Lead (IV) Oxide C.P. (Red) R&M 500g
1304 Lead (IIIV) Oxide C.P. (Lead tetraoxide) R&M 500g
1305 Lead (II) Sulfate C.P. R&M 500g
1306 Lead (II) Sulphide C.P. R&M 500g
1307 Lead (II) Tartrate C.P. R&M 100g
1308 Leishmans Stain for microscopical. R&M 25g
1309 Leishmans Stain solution for microscopical. R&M 500ml
1310 Leishman for Parasites Kit R&M 1 set
1311 D-Leucine “Biochem”. R&M 5g
1312 L-Leucine “Biochem”. R&M 100g
1313 Light Green SF C.I. 42095 “RMstain”. R&M 25g
1314 Light Green (Mason) - 2% in Acetic Acid. R&M 500ml
1315 Lime Water. "READIL" R&M 1Lt
1316 D-Limonene C.P. R&M 500ml
1317 Linoleic Acid (97%.) Alfa/US 5g
1318 Linseed Oil pure. R&M 1Lt
1319 Lissamine Green "RMstain". R&M 25g
1320 Lithium AAS standard soln. 1000mg/l R&M 500ml
1321 Lithium metal (in parafin) C.P. R&M 25g
1322 Lithium Acetate C.P. R&M 250g
1323 Lithium Aluminium Hydride C.P. R&M 100g
1324 Lithium Bromide A.R. R&M 100g
1325 Lithium Carbonate C.P. R&M 100g
1326 Lithium Chloride A.R. R&M 100g
1327 Lithium Chloride A.R. R&M 500g
1328 tri-Lithium Citrate A.R. R&M 100g
1329 Lithium Fluoride C.P. R&M 500g
1330 Lithium Hydroxide A.R. R&M 500g
1331 Lithium Iodide C.P. R&M 100g
1332 Lithium Lactate C.P. R&M 100g
1333 Lithium Metaborate C.P. R&M 250g
1334 Lithium Nitrate C.P. R&M 100g
1335 Lithium Oxalate C.P. R&M 100g
1336 Lithium Perchlorate C.P. R&M 25g
1337 Lithium Sulfate 1-Hydrate A.R. R&M 100g
1338 di-Lithium Tetraborate A.R. (X-ray Fluorescence) R&M 100g
1339 Litmus "RMInd". R&M 25g
1340 Litmus solution"RMInd". R&M 500ml
1341 Litmus paper - Blue (pack of 10 booklets/20 leaflets) R&M 1 pack
1342 Litmus paper - Red (pack of 10 booklets/20 leaflets) R&M 1 pack
1343 Liver Extract powder "Bacto". R&M 500g
1344 Liver Hydrolysate Enzymatic "Bacto". R&M 500g
1345 Liver Infusion powder "Bacto". R&M 500g
1346 Loeffler Methylene Blue for microscopical. R&M 500ml
1347 Lowry Reagent "READIL". R&M 500ml
1348 Lucas Reagent “READIL”. R&M 1Lt
1349 Lugol's Iodine “READIL”. R&M 500ml
1350 D-Lysine HCl “Biochem”. R&M 1g
1351 L-Lysine HCl “Biochem”. R&M 100g
1352 Lysis Buffer (Hirt) R&M 100ml
1353 Lysol C.P. R&M 2.5Lt
1354 Magnesium AAS standard soln. 1000mg/l R&M 500ml
1355 Magnesium powder C.P. R&M 100g
1356 Magnesium Ribbon C.P. R&M 25g
1357 Magnesium strip. 2mm x 10cm x0.2mm C.P. R&M 5pcs/set
1358 Magnesium turning C.P. (for Grignard Reaction) R&M 500g
1359 Magnesium Acetate 4-Hydrate A.R. R&M 500g
1360 Magnesium Bromide 6-Hydrate C.P. R&M 500g
1361 Magnesium Carbonate Light C.P. R&M 500g
1362 Magnesium Chloride 6-Hydrate A.R. R&M 500g
1363 Magnesium Chloride 6-Hydrate A.R. R&M 1Kg
1364 Magnesium Citrate 14-Hydrate A.R. R&M 500g
1365 Magnesium Fluoride C.P. R&M 500g
1366 Magnesium Hydroxide C.P. R&M 500g
1367 Magnesium Nitrate 6-Hydrate A.R. R&M 500g
1368 Magnesium Nitrate 6-Hydrate A.R. R&M 1Kg
1369 Magnesium Oxide Light C.P. R&M 500g
1370 Magnesium Perchlorate C.P. R&M 100g
1371 Magnesium Stearate C.P. R&M 500g
1372 Magnesium Sulfate anhydrous A.R. R&M 500g
1373 Magnesium Sulfate 7-Hydrate A.R. R&M 500g
1374 Magnesium Sulfate 7-Hydrate A.R. R&M 1Kg
1375 Magnesium Sulfate 1.0 mol/l. "READIL" R&M 500ml
1376 Magnesium Sulfite 6-Hydrtae C.P. R&M 250g
1377 Magnesium Trisilicate C.P. R&M 500g
1378 Magneson I A.R. R&M 25g
1379 Magneson II A.R. R&M 25g
1380 Malachite Green C.I.42000 “RMstain”. R&M 100g
1381 Malachite Green Oxalate-0.1% Aquous Solution “RMstain”. R&M 1Lt
1382 Maleic acid C.P. R&M 250g
1383 Maleic anhydride C.P. R&M 500g
1384 Maleic Hydrazide C.P. R&M 500g
1385 DL-Malic Acid C.P. R&M 500g
1386 Malonic acid C.P. R&M 250g
1387 Malonitrile acid C.P. R&M 100g
1388 Malt Extract “Bacto”. R&M 500g
1389 Maltose 1-Hydrate C.P. R&M 250g
1390 Maltodextrin C.P. R&M 500g
1391 DL-Mandelic Acid C.P. (Hydroxyphenylacetic acid) R&M 500g
1392 Maneval's Modified stain. "RMstain" R&M 100ml
1393 Manganese AAS standard soln. 1000mg/l R&M 500ml
1394 Manganese powder 99.8% C.P. R&M 250g
1395 Manganese (II) Acetate 4-Hydrate C.P. R&M 500g
1396 Manganese (II) Carbonate C.P. R&M 500g
1397 Manganese (II) Chloride 4-Hydrate A.R. R&M 500g
1398 Manganese (II) Nitrate Solution R&M 500ml
1399 Manganese (IV) Oxide C.P. R&M 1Kg
1400 Manganese (II) Sulfate 1-Hydrate A.R. R&M 500g
1401 D-Mannitol “Biochem”. R&M 500g
1402 D(+)Mannose "Biochem". R&M 25g
1403 Marble Chips 1.5-9mm C.P. R&M 1Kg
1404 Martius Yellow “RMstain”. R&M 25g
1405 Marquis's Reagent (For Alkaloids) R&M 500ml
1406 Masson's Trichrome Staining Kit R&M 1Kit
1407 Mayer's Reagent.(for Alkaloids). "READIL" R&M 500ml
1408 May-Grunwald “RMstain”. R&M 25g
1409 May-Grunwald Solution “RMstain”. R&M 500ml
1410 May-Grunwald's Eosin Methylene Blue Solution “RMstain”. R&M 1Lt
1411 Mcfarland Standard Solution. 0.5. "Micro" Turbidity check for bacteria R&M 1Lt
1412 Mcfarland Standard Solution. 1.0. "Micro" Turbidity check for bacteria R&M 1Lt
1413 Mcfarland Standard Solution. 2.0. "Micro" Turbidity check for bacteria R&M 1Lt
1414 Mcfarland Standard Solution. 3.0. "Micro" Turbidity check for bacteria R&M 1Lt
1415 Mcfarland Standard Solution. 4.0. "Micro" Turbidity check for bacteria R&M 1Lt
1416 Meat Extract powder "Biochem". R&M 500g
1417 Meat Infusion powder "Biochem". R&M 500g
1418 Melamine C.P. R&M 500g
1419 D(+)Melibiose "Bacto". R&M 5g
1420 Menadione "Biochem".