Syringe Filter Hydrophilic/ Hydropholic/  PES/ PVDF/ Nylon/ CA


Syringe Filter Hydrophilic/ Hydropholic/ PES/ PVDF/ Nylon/ CA

Syringe filter come with a plastic housing with a membrane which serves as a filter. It's basically used to remove impurities from sample solutions before they enter HPLC process. 
There is a huge selection of syringe filters available in all kinds of material, pore sizes and diameters.  When it comes to selecting the most appropriate one for your application this can make it seem like a bit of a minefield. We break the process down into a number of steps to help simplify selection.
Syringe filter
1. Match pore size with your application
    Most types of syringe filters come in a selection of pore sizes. Ensuring the pore size is suitable for your application 
    is highly important to ensure it functions as you desire. Below are the most common pore sizes found in our range 
    and examples of typical applications.
    * 0.1μm           – solution sterilization and mycoplasma removal
    * 0.2/0.22μm  – solution sterilization (bacterial removal)
    * 0.45μm         – general filtration and particle removal
    * >0.45μm       – typically used for pre-filtration
2. Select the most appropriate filter material based on your sample type and downstream analysis method
     Syringe filters are composed of a membrane filter contained with plastic housing (usually polypropylene). Each 
     membrane has a number of key physical and chemical characteristics that make it suited to a certain type of 
     application. In the table below, we summarize some of the key properties of each and the most common 
     applications you will find them used in.
      a) Hydrophilic PTFE: Purification of HPLC organic and solvent/aqueous solutions
      b). Hydrophobic PTFE: Filtration of solvents
      c). PES: Purification of tissue culture solutions, buffers
      d). PVDF: Filtration of protein solutions
      e). Nylon: Filtration of aqueous and solvent/aqueous mixtures
      f).  CA: Filtration of protein solutions
3. Select diameter based on your sample volume
     High particulate loaded samples with tend to block the pores in the membrane more quickly so the total volume you 
     can filter through a certain diameter syringe filter will vary greatly. Please take the below figures as a guide only.
      * 13mm diameter – for samples <10ml
      * 25mm diameter – for samples <100ml
      * 33mm diameter – for samples <250ml
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